'Young Lady and Gentleman' topped the audience ratings and captured the small screen recorded 26.5% nationwide

‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ topped the audience ratings and captured the small screen

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research company on the 27th, the second episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’, which aired the day before, recorded 26.5% nationwide.

On this day’s broadcast, Park Dan-dan surrendered to the police thinking that Lee Young-guk, who fell after being hit in the head by his tumbler, was dead. Park Dan-dan breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Lee Young-guk coming down with his forehead wrapped around him.

However, Lee Young-guk became angry when Park Dan-dan misunderstood him as a pervert, and the conversation between the two people toward the police station became more immersive. In particular, Park Dan-dan’s words to Lee Young-guk, who shouted, “You’re so handsome!!” brought up a funny situation.

In addition, Lee Young-guk and Park Dan-dan’s families became entangled in earnest, attracting attention. Park Dan-dan’s father, Park Soo-cheol (Lee Jong-won), came in as Lee Young-guk’s resident driver, while his brother Park Dae-beom (Ahn Woo-yeon) and Lee Young-guk’s younger brother Lee Se-ryun (Yoon Jin-yi) began a passionate love affair. Expectations are high as to what will happen in the future when two different families meet.

Meanwhile, ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ airs every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 PM.

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