Yoon Kye-sang X Go Ah-seong's shocking transformation Crime Puzzle

Yoon Kye-sang X Go Ah-seong’s shocking transformation, a unique aura proved with one cut (Crime Puzzle)

‘Crime Puzzle’ Yoon Kye-sang and Go Ah-seong foreshadowed a breathtaking psychological battle.

Olleh tv x seezn’s original ‘Crime Puzzle’, which will be released for the first time on the 29th (Friday), released the main poster that catches the eye at once on the 6th. The sharp eyes in the crossed gaze herald the inevitable confrontation between the tragic lovers and cause goosebumps. The synergy of Yoon Kye-sang and Go Ah-seong, who overwhelms the atmosphere with only a fleeting glance, raises expectations for the birth of a truth-chasing thriller with a different dimension.

Yoon Kye-sang and Go Ah-seong, who foreshadowed a radical transformation, amplify expectations as they take off the veil. Yoon Kye-sang plays Han Seung-min, a criminal psychologist who confesses to killing his lover’s father and is imprisoned in prison. With a genius brain, he himself goes to hell and fights for his life.

Go Ah-seong takes on the role of ‘Yoo-hee’, an elite detective with sharp intuition. Even in the chaos of losing both her father and her lover, she activates her detective instinct to break the lies and pursues the truth behind the case.

In the meantime, the deep and intense eyes of Yoon Kye-sang and Go Ah-seong in the main poster that were released catch the eye.

In Han Seung-min’s brightly shining eyes, a maddened obsession that transcends cold anger passes. Even though he is wearing a prison uniform, the face that is full of himself makes him more curious about the secret of his imprisoned in prison.

Yu-hee’s eyes, who relentlessly pursue the truth, are as sharp as if they could dig into the abyss of the other person. However, her sad face for some reason seems to foretell her formidable fate. The inevitable confrontation between two people who face a murderer and an investigator in a lover, and a thrilling psychological warfare are expected to be another point of observation in ‘Crime Puzzle’.

The splitting effect, reminiscent of puzzle pieces, is also interesting. As meaningful as the scattered fragments of the truth, it is as meaningful as implying the relationship of a shattered lover. The overlapping faces of the two people hint at a fate that has no choice but to trap each other. In addition to this, Han Seung-min’s confession, “I killed it,” is added, raising expectations for the two people’s pursuit of the truth.

The production team of ‘Crime Puzzle’ said, “This is a poster that captures the complex emotions and the special relationship of lovers who are crossed in the blink of an eye. The perfect chemistry between the two actors created an impactful scene.” He said, “The synergy between the person who designs the crime and the person who has to break the lies.

Meanwhile, Olleh TV x seezn’s original ‘Crime Puzzle’ will be released for the first time on the 29th (Fri) through Olleh TV and online video service seezn (season).

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