intersected the expressions of Go Hyun-jung x Shin Hyun-bin

Two teaser videos that intersected the expressions of Go Hyun-jung x Shin Hyun-bin

JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Person Who Looks Like You’ released two teaser videos that intersected the expressions of Go Hyun-jung and Shin Hyun-bin, foretelling the intense story of the two women, Go Hyun-jung’s visuals robbed the attention.

In the teaser video for ‘Person Who Looks Like You’ released on the 13th, the main character Jeong Hee-joo (Ko Hyeon-jeong) is looking to the side, then slowly turns her head to stare at the front. In the middle of the face of Jung Hee-joo, who seems calm but unable to hide her strongly shaky eyes, the face of another protagonist, Goo Hae-won (Shin Hyun-bin), with her eyes closed, overlaps, and Jung Hee-joo tries to deny the difficult reality, saying, ‘It’s not yet, hell, it’s not’. At the same time, Jung Hee-joo’s face, which was drawn in black and white, returns to its original color and catches the eye with meaningful eyes as if determined and fearful.

The second teaser video starts with a frontal figure of Goo Hae-won (Shin Hyun-bin) with her eyebrows frowned and her eyes closed. The expression of Goo Hae-won, who opened her eyes as if in surprise, and Jeong Hee-joo’s expression in the first teaser crossed like a mosaic, followed by a sound as if something was breaking, followed by Goo Hae-won’s line, “Something inside of me is definitely broken.” Goo Hae-won’s face, which was still black and white, also slowly regains its original color, but Goo Hae-won looks around with a sad expression and seems to be relieved, making her curious about her story.

The two teaser videos strongly contrasted the sense of crisis felt by Jung Hee-joo of ‘The Woman Who Has Everything’ and the emptiness of Goo Hae-won of ‘The Broken Woman’, stimulating curiosity about the story that will unfold in the drama ‘Person Who Looks Like You’.


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