Trailer for 'Miracle' starring Park Jung-min... Fresh story + warm sympathy

Trailer for ‘Miracle’ starring Park Jung-min… Fresh story + warm sympathy

The movie ‘Miracle‘, starring Park Jung-Min, Lee Sung-Min, Lim Yoon-A and Lee Soo-Kyung, has released a main trailer filled with warmth and energy.

‘Miracle’ is a movie about the story of Jun-kyung (Park Jung-min) and the people of the neighborhood, whose only life goal is to create a simple station in a village where there is no train station, although the only way to go back and forth is the train.

The main trailer, released for the first time this time, is an intro with a retro sensibility, stimulating a pleasant nostalgia and conveying the warm atmosphere of ‘Miracle’ as it is.

Jun-kyung, a 4D genius whose only goal in life is to build a train station in the village. Even today, Jun-kyung and Tsundere sister Bo-kyung, who go to school for five hours round-trip through a rough railway, arouse curiosity about the story that started in a village with a train track but no train station.

Next, Jun-kyung, who sends a letter with a written story to the Blue House, and Ra-hee, who recognized Jun-kyung’s extraordinary qualities and volunteered as a muse, continue to pursue a four-dimensional idea to achieve her dream, which creates a pleasant laugh with its innocence and absurdity.

The image of Jun-kyung, who does not give up until the end despite the opposition of his father, Tae-yoon, who is an engineer, and continues to challenge his dream with earnest desire, is curious about the story of those who are moving towards the miracle, with the copy ‘The world’s smallest train station in 1988, the miracle of everyone that started there’ to amplify ‘Miracle’, which released the main trailer that brings laughter to the end with the humane side of Junkyung and his family, is expected to provide fun and empathy.


Miracle‘ is a new work by director Lee Jang-hoon, who directed ‘I’m Going to Meet You’, and is scheduled to be released in September.

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