'Three Hundreds of Meals' Casting Ha Seok-Jin X Go Won-Hee X Lim Hyeon-Joo

‘Three Hundreds of Meals’ Casting Ha Seok-Jin X Go Won-Hee X Lim Hyeon-Joo to be released in the second half of this year

Actors Ha Seok-jin, Go Won-hee, and Lim Hyeon-joo have confirmed their appearances in the new drama ‘Three Hundreds of Meals’, co-produced by Playlist and Studio N.

‘Three Meals a Day’ is the story of Jae-ho, a man who skips meals even after a breakup. It is based on the popular Naver Webtoon of the same name. Playlist, which is continuing its endless attempts with the fantasy romance thriller ‘Blue Birthday’ and the fire moth romance ‘Fang’, is joining hands with Studio N this time to present ‘mukbang’ content.

In addition, Ha Seok-jin and Go Won-hee, who are running through the small screen with a number of works, and Lim Hyeon-joo, who is attracting attention for a new challenge, are cast as the lead, and high interest is continuing.

Ha Seok-jin takes on the role of Kim Jae-ho, an involuntary man who is preparing for a job for the second year after graduating from the Department of Korean Literature, after five years of public examination. As my mother told me to eat three meals a day from a young age, it became a habit to fill in whatever it was. Although he was not particularly good at it, he had a healthy body and mentality. To make matters worse, he recently broke up with his girlfriend, whom he had recently had for the first time after a conflict.

Go Won-hee takes on the role of Yeo Eun-ho, a hot-tempered voluntary woman who claims that eating is all that is left in today’s low interest rates. It has now been three months since she resigned from the job after going through a crisis that almost killed her from overwork by working night and day at an advertising company. Since then, she has vowed to live a life of treating yourself as a VIP. First, she is a true ‘cool kid’ of this age, who only thinks about eating and living happily today.

Lim Hyun-joo continues her acting challenge by taking on the role of Su-jeong Seo, an employee of a large telecommunication company in her second year of social life. Although she succeeded in the job she had longed for, she is still a beginner in society who finds it difficult due to the rush of work and hectic corporate life. In the meantime, she got tired of her boyfriend Jae-ho’s indifference and declared a breakup for herself.

‘Three Hundreds of Meals’ announced the start of full-scale production with script practice held at the Playlist headquarters in Yongsan, Seoul on the 30th. In addition to the above three, Ko Woo-jin, who plays Kang Seo-joon, a junior in Sujeong’s company, and Lee Sang-jin, who plays Jae-ho’s friend Kim Jeong-hyeon, attended the drama.

“The message of the story is so good. I guess I’ll just have to do it well. The script reading, which started with Ha Seok-jin’s determination, “I hope that it will be a work that can empathize with and give and receive comfort with many people by dissolving the pain and suffering of the trainees well,” was soon filled with the enthusiasm of the actors who expressed their ambition to “work hard”.

This is why attention is paid to the realistic stories of these people who will soon be filmed. The Playlist side said, “The best production crew and the best actors will come together to create a more realistic story of a job-hunting student and a newcomer. After watching their first combination through script practice, I have a feeling that an interesting work that goes back and forth between comedy and reality will be born. We ask for your interest in ‘Three Hundreds of Meals’, which will be released in the second half of this year.”

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