The reason why 'On the Line' is more attractive than other crime films

The reason why ‘On the Line’ is more attractive than other crime films

“Voice phishing means empathy. Voice phishing does not dig into ignorance and but digs into the hopes and fears of the other person!”

In the movie ‘On the Line’, it is the line in the movie of Kwak Pro (Kim Mu-yeol), a voice phishing crime designer. This work, which was released on the 15th, tells the story of a former detective Seo-jun (Byun Yo-han), who became a victim of voice phishing, invades the stronghold of a voice phishing criminal organization and clears it. As can be seen from Kwak’s lines, this film, which shows the side of cunning and vile criminals, is not only entertaining but also beneficial. This is why ‘On the Line’ is more attractive than other crime films.

Everyone is now aware that calls from unknown numbers, spam text messages and suspicious links should be suspected as voice phishing. This is the reason why I guarantee that I will not be caught in a voice phishing crime. However, the film warns of such frivolity.

In the movie, Seo-joon’s wife deposits a huge amount of 70 million won even after confirming it again and is subjected to voice phishing. This is because the ‘intercept app’ that takes you to the voice phishing call center no matter where you call is installed on your phone. The film also shows how sophisticated and systematic the voice phishing criminal organization is. A team of 4 to 5 people pretends to be a bank employee, a Financial Supervisory Service employee, a detective, or a lawyer, and takes turns receiving calls from the target according to the so-called ‘script’.

At first glance, there are more than 100 people working like this. When the deposit is completed and the target is achieved, bonuses are paid like any other company. It is a structure in which those who take part in crime have no choice but to work harder on ‘company work’.

As such, ‘On the Line’ provides knowledge to prepare for voice phishing crimes. But above all, it is noteworthy that the story was developed from the perspective of the victims. What makes the crime of voice phishing even more heinous and vile is that it makes victims feel guilty about themselves. The film reads deeply and comforts these victims by saying, “Don’t blame yourself.”

‘On the Line’ also follows the clichés of existing crime action movies, such as an incompetent police officer, a protagonist with exceptional abilities, and an opponent who collapses in the face of such a protagonist. However, it shows the process of planning and executing a voice phishing crime that ordinary citizens are not aware of, raising awareness.

The criminal methods in the movie are based on real cases after consulting experts from the Financial Supervisory Service to white hackers. ‘One the Line’ is a work that shows the true function of a crime action movie that has both cinematic fun and public benefit.

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