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The Online Press Conference for ‘My Name’ Han So-hee x Park Hee-soon

Actress Han So-hee challenges the action genre for the first time. Han So-hee’s shocking transformation, which said that she gained 10 kg through exercise for the character, raises expectations.

On the morning of the 5th, the production presentation of the Netflix series ‘My Name’ was broadcast live online. The event was attended by actors Han So-hee, Park Hee-soon, Ahn Bo-hyun, Kim Sang-ho, Lee Hak-joo, Jang Ryul, and Kim Jin-min. ‘My Name’ is a work about the cruel truth and revenge that Ji-Woo (Han So-Hee), who enters an organization to find the culprit who killed her father, infiltrates the police under a new name (Oh Hye-Jin) and faces revenge. Director Kim Jin-min, who showed an unconventional setting and high-quality directing with ‘Extracurricular’, is the second director with Netflix.

The Online Press Conference for 'My Name' Han So-hee x Park Hee-soon

Director Kim Jin-min introduced, “It is a story of one person getting revenge. It is also a story of Ji-Woo walking the path of revenge while meeting everyone, and it is an action film in which she finds herself.”

Earlier, Han So-hee announced the news of appearing in ‘My Name’ right after ‘The World of the Married’. When asked why he cast Han So-hee, who has a feminine image, in an action noir, director Kim said, “The existence of an actress may have limitations depending on her appearance. However, I thought that limitation is always a possibility. People who can penetrate it become a possibility. If you settle there, you become a limit. As soon as I met Han So-hee, I asked two things: ‘Do you want to do it?’ ‘Are you going to practice action?’ Han So-hee answered without hesitation for even a second.” He said, “There are many opportunities to play beautiful roles, but the opportunity to throw yourself away will not come easily.”

Han So-hee takes on the role of Ji-woo My Name

Han So-hee takes on the role of Ji-woo, who becomes an undercover for revenge. After witnessing the death of his father Dong-hoon (Yoon Kyung-ho) on his 17th birthday, he goes to his father’s old friend Mujin to find the culprit on his own.

Han So-hee said, “The script shows Ji-woo’s desperation, who walks for only one purpose – revenge. Although she has expressed her emotions through lines and facial expressions, I wanted to try to think of it as a genre that I have never experienced before.” She explained the reason for her appearance.

When asked about the character’s charm, Han So-hee said, “It’s sad that a character who has no choice but to leave in search of revenge after her father’s death at a beautiful age, but there are also gangs who run towards a sense of purpose.”

What is the difference between Ji-Woo and Hye-Jin? Han So-hee explained, “Ji-woo is a character who approaches revenge in a one-dimensional way, so she has a personality that rushes without covering up fire. When asked if there was any pressure on acting for the first time, Han So-hee said, “At first, I went to an action school with a modest spirit and took a class, but the moment I played a trick, I thought that I would be ruined and at the same time I had to invest a lot of time.” It was my first time, and I was not doing it alone, but I had to combine it into one movement, so the burden was too great. There were things I did carefully because I was afraid of getting hurt.”

She added, “It’s okay for me to get hurt, but the most difficult thing was to think that other people might get hurt because of my inexperienced amount of practice.

Park Hee-soon said, “All of the cast members have been training for physical strength and action since two months ago. Han So-hee practiced a month before us.” “Han So-hee gained 10kg. That’s all muscle mass. A friend who had never done Pilates before did this. It’s amazing how much we’ve improved.”

Han So-hee said, “At some point, I gained 10 kg. I exercise a lot and eat what I want to eat. I wonder if 10 kg contains fat.” She smiled and said, “After ‘My Name’, my athleticism improved a lot, so now I’m learning kickboxing.” she said.

Park Hee-soon takes on the role of Mu-jin My Name

Park Hee-soon takes on the role of Mu-jin, the boss of the Dongchun faction, the largest drug gang in Korea. He is a person who makes Ji-woo, who is full of revenge, into a person of the perfect organization, and infiltrates the police under a disguise. Park Hee-soon said, “Existing noir had a lot of cold feelings from rough machos, but after seeing this work, I felt something new. I am attracted to the complex emotions that arise from the unraveling of the narrative and the complex emotions that arise from the urge of three-dimensional characters with a woman as the top protagonist.,” he said.

Then, Park Hee-soon said, “Mu-jin is a character with cool charisma.” “The position of the boss itself has a weight, so I wanted to create a character that showed charisma by itself rather than adding other settings. With the full support of the makeup team and the costume team, only the dressing room When I go out, my cool charisma is complete.”

Ahn Bo-hyun takes on the role of Jeon Pil-Do My Name

Ahn Bo-hyun takes on the role of Jeon Pil-Do, a strong principled and ace detective in the drug investigation team. Ahn Bo-hyun said, “I enjoyed ‘Extracurricular’ so much that I became a fan of the director. When I read the script for ‘My Name’, I read it very well. I fell in love with it at once.,” he said.

Ahn Bo-hyun said, “As a character who has to do everything well, I practiced with an emphasis on action. I remember all the actors practiced hard at the action school. I even increased the amount to show a reliable figure as a detective.”

Kim Sang-ho plays Cha Ki-ho My name

Kim Sang-ho plays Cha Ki-ho, the leader of the drug investigation team, who is desperately obsessed with capturing Mu-jin. Kim Sang-ho said, “As a drug investigation team, unlike dealing with gangsters or criminals, you have to plan a strategy and write fakes.”

Lee Hak-joo takes on the role of Jung Tae-joo, the second-in-command of the Dongcheon faction and Mujin’s right-hand man. Lee Hak-joo said, “It is the role of silently guarding the side of the boss. I did not talk to the extent that it was okay to be silent like this, and I worked hard to help.”

Do Kang-jae, a member of the Dongchun faction, played by Jang-ryul My name

Do Kang-jae, a member of the Dongchun faction, played by Jang-ryul, is an ambitious person who wants to be recognized by the organization and rise to a higher position. Jang Ryul said, “He is the youngest member of the Dongcheon group. He wants to be liked by his older brothers, he wants to do his job well, and he has ambitions to become the best. “I felt the same,” he said.

Contrary to Ahn Bo-hyun, Jang-ryul lost 10 kg for the character. He said, “Originally, it was not easy to lose weight because I was thin. It was very difficult.” He said, “I thought that the character Do Kang-jae I read from the script was very different from my appearance before filming. I wanted to have a sharp, sharp knife-like image, so I went on a diet. I lost 10 kg while doing . In the process, Ahn Bo-hyun gave me diet and diet advice, so I got a lot of help.”

Regarding Lee Hak-joo and Jang Ryul, Park Hee-soon said, “Lee Hak-joo is shy, but it is very humorous when it disappears. Jang Ryul is the actor who will benefit the most if ‘My Name’ becomes popular. It is a dark horse and a hidden treasure. It will become famous with this work “, he assured.

What do the actors think about the action of ‘My Name’? Han So-hee said it was a ‘life action’, and Park Hee-soon said it was an ’emotional action’ and said, “I received little help from wires or CG.” Ahn Bo-hyun added that it was a ‘rapid-fire action’, and Lee Hak-joo was a ‘self-sufficient action’.

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