online press conference for drama SBS ‘One the Woman’

The online press conference for drama SBS ‘One the Woman’

Actress Lee Ha-nui took on two roles in SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘One the Woman’, foretelling a pleasant and refreshing cider laughter.

Actor Lee Ha-nui, Lee Sang-yoon, Jin Seo-yeon, Lee Won-geun, and director Choi Young-hoon attended the production presentation of ‘One the Woman’ held online on the 15th.

‘One the Woman’ is a ‘Double Life Comic Buster’ drama about a female prosecutor with 100% defectiveness, who entered the villain chaebol family after changing her life from a corruption prosecutor to a heiress of a conglomerate overnight.

In the drama, Lee Ha-nui plays the role of ‘Kang Mina’, daughter-in-law of Hanju’s group of chaebol family, and ‘Jo Yeon-joo’, a female prosecutor who is corrupt. She challenges the role of one person who lives a life that is completely different except for the same appearance.

Lee Sang-yoon is the son of Hanju Group’s eldest son, and plays the role of ‘Han Seung-wook’, a third-generation chaebol who was pushed out of the heir after his father’s sudden death and lost even his first love, ‘Kang Mina’.

Lee Ha-nui said, “The gap between the characters is large, so I tried to be faithful to the script.” “The difference between the characters’ cold and temperature was large, so the script was easy to follow.” she said.

She continued, “Mina was born as the youngest daughter of a chaebol family and became the daughter-in-law of a chaebol family, and has never been a chaebol. She is a character who gives a lot of words that no one could have dared to say.”

Lee Ha-nui plays the role of 'Kang Mina', daughter-in-law of Hanju's group

She also expressed her feelings about returning to the small screen after 2 years and 6 months since ‘The Fiery Priest’.

She said, “The script was really fun. It’s rare to read the typeface while looking at it from start to finish.” “At that time, there were a lot of scripts up to about 8 copies, but the next one was read without a break. From the first time I received it I thought about how I could make good use of the lines. I thought I wanted to act quickly.”

Viewers’ expectations are high as the comic acting, which has been well-received by ‘Extreme Job’ and ‘The Fiery Priest’, is also presented in this work. For the action, she said that she exercised every day and worked hard to manage her stamina.

Lee Ha-nui said, “I poured all of my comedy from my previous works to the extent that they were puzzles for ‘One the Woman.’ I exercised.” “Comedy acting is really difficult. I’m very nervous until I open the lid.”

She added, “I’ll show you 200% cider. You’ll be able to blow away the stress these days,” she said, confidently saying, “You’ll be able to get a refreshing, pleasant, refreshing feeling.”

Lee Sang-yoon also said, “I read the script and the words were very good. The gods that made use of the comical part were drawn rather than just written. I knew I could laugh like this just by reading the text, so I chose this work.”

'One the Woman' is a mix of various genres such as comedy

‘One the Woman’ is a mix of various genres such as comedy, action, romance, and mystery. Lee Sang-yoon said, “Ha-nui crosses all genres while playing single and two roles, and each actor has a part that she focuses on. Seun gwook is serious.” He laughed.

He continued, “At first, I thought it was going to be a serious melodrama, but after doing it, it feels like a comfortable roco melody. When the performance and Seung wook characters are combined, it’s comfortable and natural, and it’s a kind of melodrama that I don’t know. The chemistry suits me well. When acting together, there is a lot of laughter,” he added.

Jin Seo-yeon will play the role of ‘Han Seong-hye’, the eldest daughter of Hanju Group and Kang Mi-na’s sister-in-law, while Lee Won-geun will appear as Jo Yeon-joo and ‘Ahn Yu-jun’, a classmate of the Judicial Research and Training Institute.

Jin Seo-yeon said, “Han Seong-hye is not an obvious villain. She is cool but very elegant. She doesn’t get angry and uses metaphors. These differences are already in the script, so I focused on losing strength.” I wear a lot of white looks,” she said.

Lee Won-geun, who is the first comeback since his discharge from the military in January, said, “It was a time to look back on me and thank you for waiting for me.” “Yoo jun is very bright and has a crush on performance. It was attractive to show one’s heart even if he failed once or twice. His bold and energetic appearance touched me.”

Lee Won-geun, who is the first comeback since his discharge from the military

‘One the Woman’ is the sequel to ‘Penthouse 3′. Director Choi Young-hoon said, “I’m under a lot of pressure because the previous work did so well.

He also said, “Our script has unstoppable lines and cool characters. Above all, the lines have a good taste. We paid special attention to the actors’ breathing and chemistry rather than flashy video or technique.” “The actors are a lot of charm. What was important to me was duality. It is attractive to have a strangely hidden appearance, but all four actors gradually come out of that aspect through this drama.”

In addition, he added, “Magic powder appears in the drama. It is a very important device that connects the past and present of the main characters.

‘One the Woman’ will premiere on the 17th at 10 PM.

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