Teaser Trailer for 'Another Record' - Story of Actress Shin Se-kyung

Teaser Trailer for ‘Another Record’ – Story of Actress Shin Se-kyung

The cinematic real documentary ‘Another Record’, which tells the story of actress Shin Se-kyung, released a teaser trailer on the 17th.

‘Another Record’ is a new type of documentary film that, unlike existing documentaries, records the process of actors meeting and empathizing with people on the street and encountering ‘I’ they did not even know about.

Director Kim Jong-kwan, who has a strong fan base with his unique sensibility and outstanding visual beauty shown in the movies ‘José’, ‘The Table’, and ‘The Worst Day’, will direct the actor’s ordinary but special moments in his everyday life that cannot be missed.

In the teaser trailer released this time, Shin Se-kyung, who has been running as an actress for a long time without a break with a copy of ‘Time to face me’, goes out to the streets to meet people and sympathize with them, raising expectations for a new world that will unfold with her own eyes and voice.

‘Another Record’ will be released on seezn in October.

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