Song Yoon-ah, Lee Seong-jae, Jeon So-min's 'Show Window: Queen's House' script reading released

Song Yoon-ah x Lee Seong-jae x Jeon So-min’s ‘Show Window: Queen’s House’ script reading released

Channel A’s new drama ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ script reading site was released.

Channel A’s new drama ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ (written by Han Bo-kyung, Park Hye-young, directed by Kang Sol, Park Dae-hee, produced by Kotop Media Co., Ltd., planned by Channel A), which is scheduled to be broadcasted for the first time in November, is a mystery melodrama depicting the story of a woman who supported her husband’s affair without knowing it. With an unconventional storyline and fresh casting, it is attracting attention and expectations from the public.

In the midst of this, the script reading site announcing the sortie of ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ was released on October 12. The script reading was held in Sangam-dong last June with actors Song Yuna, Lee Seongjae, Jeon Somin, Hwang Chanseong, Kim Seungsu, Moon Heekyung, Kim Haein, Kim Youngjun, Oh Seungeun, Lee Sunjin, Kim Jeongtae, Park Jeonghak, Seol Jiyun, Kim Byeongok, Jeong Sehyeong, Jeongjeongah, and writer Han Bokyung and Park Hyeyoung. The production team, including director Kang Sol and Park Dae-hee, participated.

First, Song Yoon-ah raised the concentration of the scene in an instant from reading the script to her acting skills. His voice, full of elegance and dignifiedness, perfectly expresses the queen Han Seon-ju, who created a perfect family. Next, Song Yoon-ah immersed the entire scene by delicately depicting the changing emotions of Han Seon-joo as her life began to divide little by little.

Lee Seong-jae, who plays the perfect husband Shin Myung-seop, who sits next to the queen, embodies the charm of Shin Myung-seop with a gentle and soft tone. On the other hand, in front of Mi-ra Yoon (Jeon So-min), the target of an affair, she showed a passionate side and controlled the atmosphere of the scene. In this way, Lee Sung-jae skillfully expressed Shin Myung-seop’s double change and heated up the scene.

Jeon So-min’s shocking transformation was also outstanding. Jeon So-min, who plays the role of Yoon Mi-ra, who brings division to the queen’s perfect life, caught the eye with an alluring charm that was completely different from her usual cute and lovely image when the script reading began. Jeon So-min, who was immersed in Yoon Mira for a moment, was able to admire everyone’s enthusiasm.

What was most surprising was the synergy created by Song Yoon-ah, Lee Sung-jae, and Jeon So-min. No matter how they hold onto them, they create amazing chemistry, raising expectations for this broadcast.

At the same time, actors such as Hwang Chan-seong (Han Jeong-won), Kim Seung-soo (Cha Young-hoon), Moon Hee-kyung (Kim Kang-im), and other trusted actors permeate their characters, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a real filming site. The production team also carefully watched their performances and spurred for a high-quality work with detailed conducting. Attention is focused on how the actors, directors, and writers, who were perfect from the first meeting, will unfold in the drama.

Meanwhile, Channel A’s new drama ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ is scheduled to premiere in November.

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