The short film project 'Unframed', directed by actors Park Jung-min, Son Seok-gu, Choi Hee-seo, and Lee Je-hoon

Short film project ‘Unframed’, directed by actors Park Jung-min, Lee Je-hoon and more

Park Jung-min, Son Seok-gu, Choi Hee-seo, and Lee Je-hoon were supervised… Directed ‘Unframed’ lineup revealed

The Hard Cut X Watcha original short film project ‘Unframed’, directed by actors Park Jung-min, Son Seok-gu, Choi Hee-seo, and Lee Je-hoon, unveiled the lineup of actors who appeared in four works.

‘Unframed’ is a short film project written and directed by four artists (Park Jung-min, Son Seok-gu, Choi Hee-seo, and Lee Je-hoon) who are exploring new possibilities outside the frame. It is a Watcha original series co-planned by the production company Hardcut and the online video streaming service Watcha.

From the planning stage, four artists with free personalities, Park Jung-min, Son Seok-gu, Choi Hee-seo, and Lee Je-hoon, were known to be directing, and in ‘Unframed’, which drew attention, actors covering the whole of Chungmuro, from veteran actors to new and attractive actors. They added their names to the lineup.

 Park Jung-min's movie 'Chief Election'.
Actors Kim Dam-ho (from left), Kang Ji-seok, Park Hyo-eun, and Park Seung-jun appearing in Park Jung-min’s movie ‘Chief Election’.

Directed by Park Jung-min, the movie ‘The Election of the President’ stars Kim Dam-ho, Kang Ji-seok, Park Hyo-eun, and Park Seung-jun.

Actor Kim Dam-ho, who played the lead role, made his face known by appearing as Ah-shin’s younger brother in the Netflix series Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

Actor Kang Ji-seok is a talented child actor who made his debut as a child actor of actor Park Hae-soo in the drama ‘Prison Playbook’ and then won the Great Actor Award at the 13th Great Short Film Festival through the short film ‘The World of Lyrics’.

Actress Park Hyo-eun also gained acting experience through various short films and web dramas, and received favorable reviews for her performance in the lead role of ‘Ruppet’, which won the Best Film Award in the Korean Competition at the 38th Busan International Short Film Festival.

Actor Park Seung-jun was nominated for the Best New Actor Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards for his roles in the drama ‘Crash Landing on You’ and the movie ‘Battle of Bongo-dong’, as well as the popular variety movie ‘Summer Night of Siblings’.

director Sohn Seok-gu's movie 'Rebroadcast'
Im Seong-jae (from left), Byun Joong-hee and Oh Min-ae appearing in director Sohn Seok-gu’s movie ‘Rebroadcast’

Veteran actors Im Seong-jae, Byun Joong-hee, and Oh Min-ae appear in the movie ‘Rebroadcast’ directed by Sohn Seok-gu.

Im Seong-jae, who took the lead role, is an actor who left a strong impression through the movies ‘Sunset in my Hometown’ and ‘Narat talk’, ‘Open the Door’ has emerged as a blue chip in Chungmuro.

Actress Byun Joong-hee is an actor who reveals a prominent presence in the independent film industry. Recently, she has shown solid acting skills through films such as ‘A Little Light’, ‘Time Passing That Hill’, and ‘Silver Delivery’. She won the Independent Star Award in the Actor category at the Independent Film Festival.

Actress Oh Min-ae, who worked together, has been active in a wide range of commercial and independent films, such as ‘Crime City’, ‘Secret Garden’, and ‘Beyond You’.

director Choi Hee-seo's movie 'Findy'.
Actors Park So-yi (from left), Choi Hee-seo, Cho Kyung-sook, and Shin Hyeon-soo of director Choi Hee-seo’s movie ‘Findy’.

Actors Park So-yi, Choi Hee-seo, Cho Kyung-suk, and Shin Hyeon-soo are together in the movie ‘Findy’ directed by Choi Hee-seo.

Park So-yi, a ‘genius child’ actor, who led a healing movie with a sincere performance in ‘Collateral’ and was nominated for the Best Female Newcomer in the Film Division at the Baeksang Arts Awards through ‘Deliver us from Evil’, appeared as the main character.

Choi Hee-seo, who also served as a director and actress, was once again working with Park So-yi after ‘Save Me from Evil’.

Including veteran actor Jo Kyung-suk, who is active across genres such as dramas ‘Day and Night’, ‘Flower of Evil’, movies ‘Memories of My Love’, and ‘Winter Night’. He made his name known in the drama ‘Age of Youth’ and became famous in the drama ‘Eurachacha Waikiki’ 2′ and ‘Bossam – Stealing Destiny’, actor Shin Hyeon-soo participated.

Directed by Lee Je-hoon, 'Blue Happiness'
Directed by Lee Je-hoon, ‘Blue Happiness’ casts Jung Hae-in, Lee Dong-hwi, Kim Da-ye, Tang Jun-sang, Pyo Ye-jin.

The movie ‘Blue Happiness’, directed by Lee Je-hoon, features actors Jung Hae-in, Lee Dong-hwi, Kim Da-ye, Tang Jun-sang, and Pyo Ye-jin.

Jung Hae-in, a popular actor who is drawing a hot response not only in Korea but also abroad with the dramas Prison Playbook and ‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food’ and the recent Netflix series ‘DP’, took the lead role.

Actor Lee Dong-hwi, who has expanded his activities as MSG Wannabe through the movies ‘Extreme Job’ and ‘Call’ and the entertainment show ‘What do you do when you play?’, will work together.

Kim Da-ye, a rookie who received attention through movies ‘Age of Innocence’ and ‘Poor Family’ and dramas ‘Return of Revenge’ and ‘While You Were Sleeping’, will also appear.

Actor Tang Jun-sang, who has been recognized for his acting skills in ‘Racket Boys’, ‘Move to Heaven’, and ‘Crash Landing on You’, and is active in movies and dramas, is also with us.

Actress Pyo Ye-jin, who showed a bright and colorful appearance in dramas ‘Fight for My Way’, ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’, and ‘Taxi Driver’, was also cast.

‘Unframed’, featuring actors who will be rediscovered through the eyes of four directors, will be released exclusively through Watcha in December.

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