The movie 'Another Record' starring Shin Se-kyung has released a teaser poster

Shin Se-kyung’s real appearance…’Another Record’

The movie ‘Another Record’ starring Shin Se-kyung has released a teaser poster.

Unlike other documentaries that deal with the stories of stars, the documentary ‘Another Record’ deals with the process of Shin Se-kyung discovering a side of herself that she did not know while meeting and talking with various people in an unfamiliar space and sympathizing with their stories. .Shin Se-kyung, who is well known to everyone through movies and dramas, has never been revealed in a new format.

Director Kim Jong-kwan of ‘José’, ‘The Worst Day’ and ‘The Table’ took over the directing.

The teaser poster released this time adds curiosity to the story of the real Shin Se-kyung, which will be unfolded following Shin Se-kyung’s gaze, along with the phrase ‘My real record that has never been revealed’.

Shin Se-kyung, who has always been remembered as an image in the frame of the public since her debut in the entertainment industry as a child, is looking forward to seeing the honest and human charm that she will show while walking around downtown Seoul, meeting various people, and confronting her real self through others.

Director Kim Jong-kwan said, “Shin Se-kyung’s hidden story is naturally revealed through the people she meets rather than through interviews. The part of meeting people and bonding and empathizing with them is the personality of ‘Another Record’, and the fact that the actor’s lifestyle is visible in this project is the reason behind this project. It is a point to make it into a single movie,” he said, revealing the plan’s intention for the work.

It will be released on the OTT platform seezn in October.

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