Shin Ha-kyun x Han Ji-min become a married couple in 'Beyond the Memory'

Shin Ha-kyun x Han Ji-min become a married couple in ‘Beyond the Memory’

Teabing’s original drama ‘Beyond the Memory’ has confirmed the casting of actors Shin Ha-kyun and Han Ji-min and begins filming. Shin Ha-kyun and Han Ji-min become a married couple.

‘Beyond the Memory’ is a story that takes place when a man who receives a message from his dead wife is invited to ‘Yonder’, an unknown space where he can meet her. Through the group of humans facing ‘Yonder’, a world created by advances in science and technology, they ask questions about life, death, and eternal happiness.

Above all, expectations are high in that it is the first drama and OTT film selected by director Lee Jun-ik. What kind of future will be completed by director Lee Jun-ik, the ‘master of period drama’ and creator of the most Korean content, who made a big mark in Korean cinema with ‘The Book of Fish’, ‘Dongju’, and ‘The King & The Clown’.

Director Lee Jun-ik, who has asked meaningful questions in each work with a narrative that illuminates the past and points out the values ​​that penetrate to the present day. Fans’ expectations are pouring in the new worldview he will unfold in the near future in 2032.

The meeting between Shin Ha-kyun and Han Ji-min is also attracting attention. In the drama, Shin Ha-kyun takes on the role of Jae-hyun, a reporter for Science M, who lives an empty life after his wife’s death. A character who is confused when he receives a message from his dead wife to come to meet him. Shin Ha-kyun, who has built a solid acting world of his own with his solid inner skills, again elaborates on the complex inner side of Jaehyun, who is conflicted between ‘life’ in this part and ‘Yonder’ in the other side.

Shin Ha-kyun said, “I’m looking forward to showing a new side of me through the character Jae-hyun and the world that everyone has imagined at least once, but that no one has ever experienced. In particular, I am already looking forward to the new world I will create with director Lee Jun-ik.”

Han Ji-min plays the role of Jae-hyun (Shin Ha-kyun)’s dead wife and a member of ‘Yonder’. Just before choosing euthanasia, she signed a mysterious contract and leads her husband Jaehyun to ‘Yonder’. Han Ji-min, who is absolutely loved by the public for her ever-changing acting, foretells another transformation through this work.

Han Ji-min said, “When I first read the script, I thought it contained a story about true happiness that transcends life and death. It is an honor to be with director Lee Jun-ik, whom I have always admired, and senior Shin Ha-kyun.” She said, “I am looking forward to seeing the happy moments of life in various ways in the new world that director Lee Jun-ik will lead, ‘Beyond the Memory’.”

Director Lee Jun-ik also showed extraordinary trust in the two actors. “I think Shin Ha-kyun is the perfect vessel to express Jae hyun’s inner thickness. It will be able to convey the emotional change of Jae hyun, who is in an extreme situation, more deeply.” He stimulated expectations by saying, “I am also looking forward to Han Ji-min’s acting potential through the character who has a large emotional amplitude.”

‘Beyond the Memory’ will be released exclusively on TVING in 2022.

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