'SF9' Chan-hee and 'Cosmic Girl' Eun-seo predicted visual chemistry through the drama 'Jinx'

‘SF9’ Chan-hee and ‘Cosmic Girl’ Eun-seo predicted visual chemistry through the drama ‘Jinx’

As soon as the stills of the fantasy romance drama ‘Jinx’, which will be released for the first time at 9 am on the 6th of next month, are released, it is gathering topics as a visual restaurant.

‘Jinx’ is a fantasy sympathetic romance in which ‘Gyu-han (Kang Chan-hee)’, who has a jinx who has bad luck every time he sneezes, struggles to win the sincerity of his unrequited love.

Kang Chan-hee, who plays ‘Gyu-han’, is a rare, unlucky man with a jinx that makes what he wants come true when he sneezes, but he perfectly expresses the character of a warm personality who continues to go straight to his unrequited love. Gyu-han’s bright personality seems to be revealed just by looking at her innocent eyes as well as being surprised by something or smiling slightly.

Cosmic Girls’ Eunseo also boasts 100% synchronization with Se kyung. From her charismatic eyes to her elegant looks and achromatic neat attire, she is completely possessed by the scene where any man approaches the iron wall.

It will air on Daum Kakao TV.

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