Park Gyu-young X Kim Min-jae, laughter → excitement 30 seconds is enough

Park Gyu-young X Kim Min-jae, laughter → excitement 30s is enough

‘Dali And Cocky Prince’, with Park Gyu-young X Kim Min-jae which was confirmed for its first broadcast on September 22, robbed the public of a teaser video that takes just 30 seconds from laughter to excitement. In the video, which was expected to have a honey dripping sweet atmosphere, a scene was drawn in which Park Gyu-young, an elegant figure, said to Kim Min-jae, who was enjoying the smell of money, “I’ve never seen such a human!”, raising expectations for the drama.

On the 23rd, KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ released a teaser video containing the laughter and excitement of the two main characters, Jin Mu-hak (Kim Min-jae) and Kim Dal-li (Park Gyu-young).

‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ has three ‘ignorance – ignorance – ignorance’ but one vitality is ‘cost-effectiveness’. A man and a ‘Born to B Guiti Zhuangzhuan’ woman who is ignorant of life, ‘focuses on value for money’, communicates with each other through an art museum as a medium. It is an ‘art’ romance that narrows the gap.

Director Lee Jung-seop of ‘Dan, One Love’, ‘Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho’, ‘Healer’ and ‘Baker King Kim Tak-goo’, and writer Son Eun-hye and Park Se-eun of ‘One Fine Day’ and ‘Witch’s Love’ collaborate, presents a new concept of artistic romance that has never been seen before against the backdrop of a beautiful art gallery that catches the eye.

In the video, ‘Elegance’ Dali hanging a picture on the wall of an art museum and Muhak, a ‘money rich’ enjoying the smell by flipping through bundles of money, were included. Dali, sitting alone in an art gallery, said in an elegant manner, “I’ve never seen such a human in my life! He is ignorant and only reveals money..” He began to exaggerate ignorance (?). It is lovely to see a cheerful smile while unfolding a revelation war.

Along with Dali’s friendly (?) ‘Introduction to Jinmuhak’, Muhak along with big men in a place that looked like an art museum shouted, “Give me my money!” and said, “You’re pooping! For that money, do you know how many bowls of gamjatang are?” The scenes of poking around were exciting and fast-paced, immersing the viewers.

At the end of the run, he shook his head and revealed the fatal charm of Muhak, saying, “And how urgent is his personality.” At the same time, regardless of the location and in front of anyone, the figure of a martial artist was drawn and robbed his eyes.

At the end of the video, Moo-Hak, who had been acting unconventionally throughout the 30-second teaser, stopped someone threatening Dali and then asked, “Don’t hurt even a single hair until I pay back all my money.” called Dali said, “By the way, don’t you hate Ms. Muhak?” With a shy smile, she made people look forward to what the money ghost Muhak and elegant Dali would show.

‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ side said, “”Through the 30-second teaser video released ahead of the first broadcast on September 22, we showed you the pleasant laughter and tickling excitement that our drama will bring. Even if the viewers are different, they will fall in love with the story of Moo-Hak and Dali, who are so different. Taps ask a lot of attention, “he said.

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