A total of six actors, including Uhm Jung-hwa, Han Ye-ri, Jeon Jong-seo, Cho Jin-woong, Lee Je-hoon, and Byun Yo-han special talk program, 'Actor's House'

Newly established ‘Actor’s House’… Uhm Jung-hwa → Jeon Jong-seo to meet the audience in person

The 26th Busan International Film Festival has launched a special talk program, ‘Actor’s House’. It is a special program where six of the best actors representing the time meet the audience.

‘Actor’s House’ is a special program that invites actors representing the contemporary Korean film industry to hear intimate and in-depth stories about their performances. A total of six actors, including Uhm Jung-hwa, Han Ye-ri, Jeon Jong-seo, Cho Jin-woong, Lee Je-hoon, and Byun Yo-han, will participate this year, which will be debuted this year.

If the conversation with the audience presented at the previous film festival was a time to talk about the overall work, this program will be a special place to talk about each actor’s thoughts on their acting and their famous scenes, which have not been heard anywhere else.

First, veteran actors Uhm Jung-hwa and Cho Jin-woong, who have built solid filmography across screens and CRTs, will step out. The two actors, who were also appointed as judges for the ‘Actor of the Year’ award at the 26th Busan International Film Festival, are receiving love from the public for their broad acting spectrum that crosses genres. They will share their experiences and thoughts.

Actresses Han Ye-ri and Jeon Jong-seo, who are receiving attention from film festivals around the world this year, also visit ‘Actor’s House’ side by side. In the movie ‘Minari’ (2020), actress Han Ye-ri played the role of ‘Monica’, a mother who leads and comforts her family in an unfamiliar United States, drawing praise from the world press and critics.

Starting with director Lee Chang-dong’s ‘Burning’ (2018), Jeon Jong-seo, who showed an original performance in ‘Mona Lisa and Blood Moon’ (2021), which was officially invited to the competition section of the 2021 Venice International Film Festival, also attracted the audience with ‘Actors House’. I plan to spend a special time with them.

In addition, Lee Je-hoon and Byun Yo-han, who are trusted and seen actors, also participate. Actor Lee Je-hoon is visiting Busan as one of the directors of the short omnibus project ‘Unframed‘ (2021), which was officially invited to the Today-Panorama section of Korean cinema. Actor Byun Yo-han, who proved his limitless character digestibility by continuing his active steps in theaters this year, such as ‘The Book of Fish’ (2021) and ‘On the Line’ (2021), also plans to tell the audience his thoughts honestly.

The moderator of ‘Actor’s House’ will be directed by Baek Eun-ha, director of the Actor’s Research Institute, and will lead the actors’ intimate stories. This event is open to anyone as a spectator. All proceeds from the event will be donated to ‘Save the Children’, an international child relief organization.

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