Namgoong-min, 10kg increase → Physical admiration

Namgoong-min, 10kg increase → Physical admiration

In the Korean-style spy action blockbuster ‘The Veil’, new stills have been released that show off Namgoong-min’s amazing physique.

The new Friday-Saturday drama ‘The Veil’ (written by Park Seok-ho and directed by Kim Seong-yong), a special project for the 60th anniversary of MBC’s 60th anniversary, which is scheduled to premiere on the 17th, is the winner of the 2018 MBC Drama Script Contest by writer Park Seok-ho. This is a story that takes place as Han Ji-hyeok returns to the organization to find the insider traitor who dropped him into the abyss.

Namgoong-min takes on the role of Han Ji-hyeok, who struggles to uncover the secrets of the organization by recovering the lost memories. He said that he made a special effort to perfectly express the inside and outside of the top field agent of the National Intelligence Service.

In particular, for this work, he succeeded in gaining more than 10 kg through exercise, and predicted that the audience’s sense of immersion would be further enhanced with a surprising change in physique.

Namgoong-min 10kg increase who boasts overwhelming physical strength

The stills released on the 11th showed Namgoong-min, who boasts overwhelming physical strength. Namgoong-min boasts a perfect body sculpted through exercise, while catching the eye with scar makeup that adds sharpness to the impression, eyes that seem to be concentrating on something, and facial expression. He said, “Because I am the best agent of the National Intelligence Service, I thought that I needed physical strength, that is, a large physique, enough to seem natural to subdue the opponent when confronted with an enemy,” he said. Also, “I talked about this in my first conversation with the writer, and the writer was happy to like it.”

In addition, Namgoong-min added, “On days off from filming, I always go to martial arts practice or go to the gym to exercise.”

As such, ‘The Veil’ is expected to bring fresh pleasure with a story that focuses on the inside of the National Intelligence Service, as well as the unconventional image transformation of Namgoong-min, the ‘trustworthy treasurer’, the passionate performances of luxury actors.
MBC’s 60th anniversary special project

In addition, writer Park Seok-ho, who will continue the undefeated myth of the winning MBC drama, and PD Kim Seong-yong, who directed ‘Flowers of the Prison’ and ‘My Healing Love’, will be directing this.

‘The Veil’, which is scheduled to air its first episode on the 17th, is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 10 pm.

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