'Mine' Cha Hak-yeon to appear in 'Bad and Crazy'... Breathing with Lee Dong-wook

‘Mine’ Cha Hak-yeon to appear in ‘Bad and Crazy’… Breathing with Lee Dong-wook

Actor Cha Hak-yeon has finally confirmed his appearance in tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Bad and Crazy’, which will visit the small screen in the second half of this year.

Bad and Crazy‘, in which Cha Hak-yeon announced the appearance, is a character recovery hero drama in which a talented but ‘bad guy’ Su-yeol (Lee Dong-wook) meets a righteous ‘crazy guy’ K (Ha-jun Wi). The production team of ‘Wonderful Rumor’, following the previous work with ‘the warmest and most neighborly hero’ at the fore, once again announces ‘the birth of the most necessary and unprecedented hero of our time’. It is a collection of works.

Cha Hak-yeon takes on the role of Oh Kyung-tae, a police officer at Sohyang Police Station. Oh Kyung-tae is the youngest police officer in the district unit who is united with the sense of duty and sincerity of the police. He is an infinitely friendly and warm-hearted person who can not pass by people in trouble and approach them first and offer a helping hand. He has a clean and pure side without any wrinkle, but he will appear as an ardent police officer who does not let go of the string of doubt with his tenacity and determination to not miss a single clue in his work, increasing the tension of the play and revealing a strong presence.

In this year’s tvN drama Stage 2021’s ‘The Fair’, Cha Hak-yeon, who played the role of psychopathic serial killer Ko Do-young, will gradually grow into a third-generation chaebol, Soo-hyuk, who has never had what he truly wanted in ‘Mine’. He left a strong impression by delicately depicting the way he is going, and expectations are increasing for the different acting transformation that will be shown in this ‘Bad and Crazy’.

Cha Hak-yeon said, “The script was so interesting that I fell in love with it without noticing the passage of time. On the surface, he looks like a pure new police officer, but I was impressed with the hard-working Kyung-tae who does his best to protect the things he thinks he should protect until the end. I worried a lot while playing the character of Kyung-tae, but thanks to a good director and senior actors, I am having fun filming, so I hope you will look forward to it a lot.”

‘Bad and Crazy’ will premiere in December.

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