'Lovers of the Red Sky' Kim Yoo-jung, the story behind an oriental painting...There are hidden assistants

‘Lovers of the Red Sky’ Kim Yoo-jung, the story behind an oriental painting…There are hidden assistants

The story behind the birth of beautiful oriental scenes in ‘Lovers of the Red Sky’ was released on the 16th.

SBS TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Lovers of the Red Sky’ caught the attention of viewers with a different attraction. In the last broadcast, ‘Maejukheon Painting’ was held in which the divine chemical artist Hong Chun-ki (Kim Yoo-jung) participated.

Hong Cheon-gi, who boasts outstanding painting skills, creates a vague memory of a flower garden with Haram (Ahn Hyo-seop), a childhood story when he opened his eyes after not seeing, and unraveling the topic (the subject of the painting) in his own way to create unconventional paintings.

The process of drawing by Hong Chun-ki was made more vivid by director Jang Tae-yu. Director Jang Tae-yoo presented Hong’s thoughts with video and illustrated them with ecstasy.

Above all, behind the high-quality paintings, there were hidden efforts of the artists who actually painted them. Professional painters centering on artist Ahn Guk-ju participated in each of the works by utilizing their special skills.

In addition, actors including Kim Yoo-jung received basic education on Korean painting before the start of the work. Starting with the Four Gentlemen, she went through the process of individual handwriting education according to the characteristics of each role, coloring materials and methods of use, and simple work production.

Meanwhile, ‘Lovers of the Red Sky’ will be canceled during the Chuseok holiday. Episode 7 will be broadcast on the 27th at 10 PM.


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