"Lim Yoon-ah and Kim Seon-ho work together in 'Date at 2 O'clock'.

Lim Yoon-ah and Kim Seon-ho’s ‘Date at 2 O’Clock’ Casting… ‘Exit’ director’s next film

Lim Yoon-ah and Kim Seon-ho work together in the movie ‘Date at 2 O’Clock’.

On the 13th, Oeyu Naegang, who produced ‘Mogadishu’ and ‘Hostage’, said, “Lim Yoon-ah and Kim Seon-ho will appear in ‘Date at 2 O’clock’, where director Lee Sang-geun, who directed ‘Exit’, catches a megaphone.”

‘Date at 2 O’clock’ is a romantic comedy about a warm and fairy-tale story that takes place when a man upstairs meets a woman downstairs with a secret beyond imagination.

Lim Yoon-ah, who was reborn as the number one casting star after being recognized for her acting skills through ‘Cooperation’, ‘Exit’, and ‘Miracle‘, plays the woman in the lower house who has a secret. Lim Yoon-ah is working with director Lee Sang-geun for the second time following the movie ‘Exit’, which was released in 2019 and mobilized 9.42 million viewers.

Kim Seon-ho, who is receiving hot love calls from the film industry beyond theater and small screens, is expected to play the role of the man upstairs and play a sweet romance with Lim Yoon-a. It is said that Kim Seon-ho read the script and immediately expressed his intention to appear.

Director Lee Sang-geun, who has emerged as a next-generation director in Chungmuro, with his first work ‘Exit’, a fresh and escaping typical work, captured two rabbits at the box office and received favorable reviews. Expectations are high whether it will find an audience with a comedy movie. The film is scheduled to crank in March 2022.


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