Lim Soo-jung X Lee Do-hyun's 'Melancholia' main poster released for the first time

Lim Soo-jung X Lee Do-hyun’s ‘Melancholia’ main poster released for the first time

The production team of tvN’s 15th anniversary special project ‘Melancholia’ (written by Kim Ji-woon, directed by Kim Sang-hyeop) released the main poster for the first time.

‘Melancholia’ is set in a private high school that is a breeding ground for preferential corruption, and tells a story more beautiful than mathematics, which overcomes the conventional wisdom and prejudice of math teachers and math geniuses.

The main poster released by the production team shows Ji Yoon-soo (Lim Soo-jung), a math teacher with passion and discipline, and Baek Seung-yu (Lee Do-hyun), a disappeared math genius, walking through a dense landscape. In particular, the sympathy of Ji Yoon-soo and Baek Seung-yu, who share their eyes in a watercolor-like background, gives a warm resonance to the viewers.

In particular, the deep sincerity towards her students is conveyed from the expression on the face of Ji Yoon-soo, who looks at Baek Seung-yu, like a teacher who tries to teach the surprising and wonderful joy of ‘mathematics’ to students who are trapped in the entrance exam hell. In addition, Baek Seung-yu’s eyes on Ji Yoon-soo start to sparkle as if he has regained his curiosity, unlike the one day he lost interest in mathematics and dried up.

Lim Soo-jung X Lee Do-hyun's 'Melancholia' main poster released for the first time

Above all, in the poster, mathematics, the decisive medium through which the worlds of the two overlapped, naturally melted into the everyday landscape, breaking down preconceived notions. The formula, which was only considered hard and difficult, blends with the path of Ji Yoon-soo and Baek Seung-yu, adding to the sensibility. Here, the phrase “the moments we were immersed in even if there was no answer” opens a different perspective to those who see it, flipping the image of mathematics 180 degrees, which was thought to be correct only by finding the right number for the answer.

Accordingly, interest in what kind of unknown ‘discovery’ can be achieved is heightened by the meeting of Ji Yoon-soo, a teacher who loves mathematics, and Baek Seung-yu, a genius boy who has turned away from mathematics. In addition, the chemistry of Im Soo-jung (Ji Yoon-soo) and Lee Do-hyeon (Baek Seung-yu), who show a high synchronization rate with the character, is also noted.

‘Melancholia’ will premiere on Wednesday, November 3 at 10:30 pm. It will replace Hometown.

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