Lim Soo-jung ♥ Lee Do-hyun's Emotional Legacy Teaser (Melancholia)

Lim Soo-jung ♥ Lee Do-hyun’s Emotional Legacy Teaser (Melancholia)

Lim Soo-jung and Lee Do-hyun are attracted to each other with a special mathematical formula.

The legacy teaser video was released in tvN’s 15th anniversary special project ‘Melancholia’ (played by Kim Ji-woon, directed by Kim Sang-hyeop), which will be broadcast for the first time on November 3, and the warm air flowing between Im Soo-jung (Ji Yoon-soo) and Lee Do-hyeon (Baek Seung-yu) is a mathematical formula solve it.

‘Melancholia’ is set in a private high school that is a breeding ground for preferential corruption, and tells a story more beautiful than mathematics, which overcomes the conventional wisdom and prejudice of math teachers and math geniuses.

The released legacy teaser video contains the companionship of Ji Yoon-soo (Lim Soo-jung) and Baek Seung-yu (Lee Do-hyun), who shine like sunlight shining between the leaves. The sight of two people walking side by side on a quiet campus gives a pleasant feeling of comfort.

In particular, the concept that expresses everything that exists between the two through the eyes of mathematics is interesting. In the footsteps they walk together, the formula of universal gravitation pulls between the two, the formula for the periodic motion of the pendulum in our hands, and the angle and distance of the gaze contain the Pythagorean theorem. The feast of formulas embroidered everywhere the eyes touch reveals the world of two people full of numbers.

In addition, the phrase ‘Moments we were immersed in even if there was no answer’ was added, a foreshadowing of the heartbreaking days that will unfold before Ji Yoon-soo, a teacher who communicates with mathematics, and Baek Seung-yu, a genius.

Following the previously released main poster, ‘Melancholia’, which took off another layer of veil through the legacy teaser video, is expected to attract attention with the chemistry between Lim Soo-jung and Lee Do-hyun, which makes you smile just by looking at it, as well as a fresh setting using mathematics as a medium.

‘Melancholia’ will premiere on Wednesday, November 3 at 10:30 pm.

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