Lee Young-ae returns after 4 years... The 51-year-old unbelievable

Lee Young-ae returns after 4 years… The 51-year-old unbelievable

Actress Lee Young-ae’s drama comeback work, JTBC’s ‘Koo Kyung-Yi’ script reading site has been released.

JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Koo Kyung-Yi’, which will be aired for the first time in October, heralds the birth of a unique and different genre with a different dimension. Here, Lee Young-ae takes on the role of detective Kwang-yi, who was never in the world, and presents a transformation of acting that has never been seen before.

At the script reading site released on the 16th, PD Lee Jung-heum and writer Seong Cho-i, as well as actors Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-jun, Kim Hae-sook, Kwak Seon-young, Baek Baek-cheol, Jo Hyeon-cheol, and Lee Hong-nae, gathered together for the first time and worked together.

Koo Kyung-Yi the script reading site released on the 16th

Lee Young-ae, who took on the role of Koo Kyung-Yi in ‘The Doubt’, is said to have led the drama with her perfect character immersion performance, so that the word “return to the drama” after 4 years is insignificant. Lee Young-ae interestingly portrayed Koo Kyung-Yi, an insurance investigator who used to be a police officer, where games and alcohol are everything in the world. With her dark and comical acting, she was able to digest an unusual guise, and made people look forward to the never-before-seen transformation of ‘the epitome of elegance’ Lee Young-ae.

Kim Hye-joon, a rookie who emerged from the Netflix ‘Kingdom’ series, took on the role of K, a mysterious college student who is specially entangled with Koo Kyung-Yi in drama. Kim Hye-jun exuded a strange charm by depicting K with a bright smile and suspicious K’s actions that cannot be understood at all.

Actor Kim Hae-sook, who does not need a modifier, foreshadowed a reversal of transformation in which previous roles did not come to mind. Kim Hae-sook, who plays the role of Director Yong, the chairman of the Volunteer Donation Foundation, overwhelms the crowd by portraying Director Yong, who has a warm and benevolent face but exudes an unusual aura.

In addition, Kwak Seon-young, Baek Seong-cheol, and Jo Hyeon-cheol are together as a ‘Koo Kyung-Yi Team’.

Kwak Seon-young takes on the role of Na Je-hee, the head of NT Life’s investigation team, a junior police officer of Kyung-Yi, Baek Seong-cheol plays the role of Santa, a game party member who is selected as Kyung-Yi’s assistant, and Jo Hyeon-cheol takes on the role of Kyung-su, an NT Life investigator, Ko’s colleague, heralding a pleasant chemistry. Lee Hong-nae is expected to leave a strong impression by taking on the role of Geon-wook, a rather bad-looking character who is K’s assistant.

Lee Young-ae said, “After reading this script, I thought I couldn’t miss it.” The production team of ‘Koo Kyung-yi’ said, “Our drama is a hard-boiled comic chase drama by a detective who was never in the world. We are planning to visit the small screen as a drama that will provide unique fun that we have never seen before, so please look forward to it.”

‘Koo Kyung-yi’ is scheduled to air next month.

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