Lee Young-ae, another shock... "Why don't you pretend you know me?" Go Kyung-Yi

Lee Young-ae, another shock… “Why don’t you pretend you know me?”

A teaser poster of Lee Young-ae wearing a plastic scarf has been released.

The teaser poster for ‘Goo kyung-yi’ released by the production team on the 1st informs the unique appearance of Go kyung-yi. In the teaser poster, kyung-yi is wearing a plastic scarf like a scarf and wearing green leather gloves on her hands, disguised as sloppy. Anyone who sees it is a strange and suspicious sight that attracts attention.

Above all else, the eyes of the skeptical guru are intense as if they are coming out of the poster. A meaningful smile is also an eye-catching point. Here, the copy “Why don’t you pretend to know me?”, which seems to be talking to the person who makes eye contact, is exquisitely combined. The spectacle, which raised the point of doubt, overwhelms the viewers, and the ‘doubtful woman’ Go kyung-yi infinitely amplifies the curiosity towards the character.

In the drama, kyung-yi is an insurance investigator from the police whose world is all about games and alcohol. The unique and comical appearance in the teaser poster gives a foreboding that the process will never be ordinary. It is interesting to see what the process of investigating kyung-yi’s unimaginable incident will be like.

‘Go kyung-yi’ will be broadcasted for the first time in October.

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