Lee Sun-bin, Han Seon-hwa, Jung Eun-ji → Main trailer for 'Work Later, Drink Now' was released

Lee Sun-bin, Han Seon-hwa, Jung Eun-ji → Main trailer for ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ was released

The main trailer for TVING’s original ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ was released for the first time.

Lee Sun-bin (Ahn So-hee), Han Seon-hwa (Han Ji-yeon), and Jeong Eun-ji (Kang Ji-ji) transform into three close friends who are more serious about alcohol than anyone else, and Choi Si-won (Kang buk-gu) at the Cheongil branch is together, and the main trailer is full of unusual excitement and realism.

The released video announces a strong start with the splendid bottle technique of three drinking friends, divided as broadcast writer So-hee Ahn (Lee Sun-bin), yoga instructor Han Ji-yeon (Han Seon-hwa), and living YouTuber Kang Jiu (Jung Eun-ji). They put a straw in a soju bottle and drink it, sing a song, make wheat, and drink bottled beer while holding a shoe in one hand.

At this, the three women excitedly waved beer bottles and fired bubbles, saying, “All of them are really drunken ghosts. I’m scared,” Kang Buk-gu (Choi Si-won) said, causing laughter.

In particular, when they tap their laptops at a drinking party, the smell of alcohol is felt in their yoga breathing in a calm atmosphere, and the behavior of the girls who can’t stop them even crawling out of the doghouse, a sense of identity is created as if they were looking at the me of the past. It is interesting to see the three women who seem to be faithful to their work in non-drinking places, but have not been able to hide that alcohol is still flowing in their veins.

In addition, the people who exuded the highest level of high tension, such as holding a bottle of soju and dancing, suddenly declared abstinence from alcohol, saying, “I will drink only one bottle” with a sad face. However, as if ridiculing their vows, the bar owner’s swear word, “The dog can’t stand poop,” explodes, and he falls further into the charm of the three people per week, which is absolutely impossible to drink. I wonder how the daily life of the three people per week, filled with ‘alcohol’, which continues to open beer bottles and clash with soju glasses, will turn out.

In addition, Choi Si-won, who transformed into My Way entertainment PD Gangbuk-gu, shows off his heavy presence by appearing everywhere with unforgettable visuals and intense expressions. The unique hand gestures that rob people of attention and the chewy pronunciation that lingers in the ears exude a delightful charm that only Choi Siwon can show.

As such, ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ is raising expectations for its first public release through the main trailer with full laughter without a single moment. In addition, it foretells fantastic synergy with Lee Sun-bin, Han Seon-hwa, and Jung Eun-ji, as well as a fantastic synergy with Choi Si-won, a member of the three alcoholics who do not choose the master or servant, and creates a special sympathy with the youth who overcome the hard social life with an episode that any member of the society would have experienced at least once.

‘Work Later, Drink Now’ will be released exclusively on TV on Friday, the 22nd.

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