Lee Jung-jae transformed to a friendly face through Netflix's 'Squid Game'

Lee Jung-jae transformed to a friendly face through Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’

In ‘Squid Game’, which was released on the 17th, Lee Jung-jae played the role of Sung Ki-hoon, who took part in a survival game at the edge of life.

‘Squid Game’ is a work that tells the story of those who participated in a mysterious survival game with a prize of 45.6 billion won, risking their lives to become the ultimate winner. Even before the release, Lee Jung-jae’s appearance alone drew a lot of anticipation.

In the midst of a life crisis, Lee Jung-jae showed a new face by playing Sung Ki-hoon, who took part in the game after receiving a business card handed to him by a mysterious person. Lee Jung-jae has performed charismatically in films such as ‘New World’, ‘Contemplation’, and ‘Deliver Us from Evil’, but this time ‘Squid Game’ was completely different. He put his intense charisma aside for a while and returned to a friendly character.

Lee Jung-jae realistically portrayed Ki-hoon, who is suffering from layoffs, divorce, debt, and gambling from the beginning of ‘Squid Game’. In particular, he announced an impressive start with a visually unconventional appearance, such as a green sweatshirt and a face full of scars. After entering the game, the longing for survival in extreme situations, confusion and conflict were drawn in depth.

Although it was a new look that I couldn’t recall from the previous work, it is said that the immersion in the drama has increased with the completely transformed appearance of Lee Jung-jae. In addition, he was able to prove Lee Jung-jae’s wider and more diverse acting spectrum by drawing a friendly face.

Since its release on the 17th, ‘Squid Game’, which contains Lee Jung-jae’s new appearance, has been gaining popularity, taking the top spot in Korean Netflix content and the first Korean drama to top Netflix in the US.

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