Lee Jun-ho X Lee Se-young, dizzy + painful 'fingertip poster' released

Lee Jun-ho X Lee Se-young, dizzy + painful ‘fingertip poster’ released

The teaser poster for ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ has been released. As if they were touching each other, the dizzying fingertips of Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young make the viewer’s heart flutter.

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’, which will be aired for the first time on Friday, November 5, is a record of the royal romance between the court lady who wanted to protect the life she chose and the king who put the country first over love. Based on the novel of the same name by Kang Mi-gang, Lee Jun-ho (as Lee San) and the historical drama undefeated goddess Lee Se-yeong (as Seong Deok-im), who return with a deeper charm, are the lovers of the century throughout the Joseon dynasty, and is expected to lead the Korean historical drama craze in the second half of 2021.

Among them, the teaser poster released shows only the hands of Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young. Under the warm afternoon sunlight, the shape of the hands carefully outstretched toward each other is affectionate.

In addition, the indigo blue gonnyongpo, the symbol of the Crown Prince, and the red tip, the symbol of a court lady, are put in one frame, raising curiosity about the narrative of the two people who met each other fatefully across the wall of status.

On the other hand, the burning distance between the two hands stimulates the peripheral nerves of the viewer and gives a dizzying thrill. However, at the same time, the hand that cannot be held perfectly adds to the vagueness as it hints at the crossroads between ‘the king who puts the country first over love’ and ‘the court lady who wants to protect the life she has chosen’.

As such, expectations are rising vertically for the royal romance ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ that Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young will unfold, which evokes the excitement and lingering aftertaste of the five senses with just the ‘touch of the fingertips’.

It will be aired for the first time on November 5 (Fri).

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