Lee Joon-gi, comeback to the small screen with 'Again My Life'

Lee Joon-gi, comeback to the small screen with ‘Again My Life’

Actor Lee Joon-gi is returning with the second test of his life’s highest level of ability.

Lee Jun-gi, who announced the power of a luxury actor who does not lose through the drama ‘Flower of Evil’ last year, is coming to the small screen this time with the tumultuous life story of the second prosecutor in his life.

Today (6th), the 2022 SBS new drama ‘Again My Life’, which announced Lee Joon-gi’s appearance, is a cider punishment that depicts the absolute evil judge of a prosecutor who seizes a chance to reset his life at the threshold of the underworld after an unjust death.

In the drama, Lee Joon-gi’s role is ‘Kim Hee-woo’, the second life tester with a full level of ability. Kim Hee-woo, a hot-blooded prosecutor who burns his will to investigate with a sword at the heart of living power with cool judgment, tenacity, and upright determination, chooses to reboot his life to open the gates of hell for Cho Tae-seop, the center of the corrupt establishment cartel, and meets an unexpected life.

The complex and unconventional story he will experience as he digs into the truth of his death, who seems to have nothing to do with his excellent brain and motor nerves, raises expectations for Lee Joon-gi’s new acting transformation, which he has never seen before, and is already thrilling the hearts of drama fans.

In particular, in his previous work ‘Flower of Evil’, he not only proved his colorful emotional spectrum with his delicate and explosive acting, but also showed off the unambiguous crime action of Lee Joon-gi, who has already turned into a lawyer in ‘Lawless Lawyer’, a court action drama that was completed with perfect action. This time, expectations are rising as to how he, who is acting as a prosecutor, will renew his irreplaceable life character with another interpretation.

Actor Lee Joon-gi delivers a gift-like time by conveying countless emotions from tension to fun to emotion in each work. Attention is paid to what kind of story he will draw in ‘Again My Life’.

Meanwhile, ‘Again My Life’ will be broadcast in 2022.

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