Lee Jong-suk X Lim Yoon-ah are married... Confirmed to appear in 'Big Mouse'

Lee Jong-suk X Lim Yoon-ah are married… Confirmed to appear in ‘Big Mouse’

Actors Lee Jong-suk and Lim Yoon-a meet viewers in the new tvN drama ‘Big Mouse’ in 2022.

‘Big Mouse’ is a story of a privileged class stained with a huge conspiracy to protect the family in order to survive and become ‘Big Mouse’, a rare genius con artist, caught up in a murder case accidentally taken on by a living lawyer with a win rate of 10%. It’s a story about uncovering the true face.

Actor Lee Jong-seok (Park Chang-ho), who captivates viewers with his unique acting skills and character digestibility, and Im Yoon-ah (Go Mi-ho), an actor who spreads her charms with her accumulated inner skills, are together. Two irreplaceable actors plunge into an intense and dark hard-boiled noir and challenge a character with a new determination that has not been shown before.

First of all, Lee Jong-suk takes on the role of Park Chang-ho, a living lawyer with a win rate of 10% in the play. He is called ‘Big Mouth’ by the legal community because of his rhetorical personality, but when he wakes up, he is called ‘Big Mouse’, a genius con artist, and his life is threatened. Therefore, I wonder how actor Lee Jong-suk will express a character who is caught in an interesting gap between the same modifiers. Since he created a ‘life character’ for each work, he is making the heart rate soar as to what kind of amazing transformation he will make the viewers fall in love with.

Lim Yoon-ah takes on the role of Go Mi-ho, the wife of Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk), a nurse who possesses a strong side as well as outstanding beauty. She made Park Chang-ho, who had never been seen much with his sincere support, into a lawyer, hears the absurd story that such a husband is a genius con artist, and sets out to clear his name. The appearance of Go Mi-ho, who confidently jumps into the battlefield, creates a synchro rate similar to that of Yoon-ah Lim, raising expectations.

In this way, while expectations are gathering for the different acting spectrum that Lee Jong-suk and Lim Yoon-a will show, the chemistry between the two as a married couple adds excitement as another observation point.

As such, ‘Big Mouse’ is preparing to visit viewers next year by filling it with elements that should not be missed, such as a solid production team, a story and characters that stimulate interest, and the unique encounter between Lee Jong-suk and Lim Yoon-a.

‘Big Mouse’ is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

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