'Koo kyung-yi' Lee Young-ae "I'm not crazy"...'Extraordinary transformation'

‘Koo kyung-yi’ Lee Young-ae “I’m not crazy”…’Extraordinary transformation’

The first teaser video for the Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Koo kyung-yi’, an anticipated work in the second half of JTBC, has been unveiled.

On the 17th, the first teaser video for ‘Koo kyung-yi’ was released. In the 15-second short teaser video, Lee Young-ae’s appearance drew attention with her 180-degree ‘extraordinary transformation’ that is not normally imaginable.

The video begins with a back view of a woman fighting a game in a dark and messy room. The woman clicks with a force that seems to be sucked into the screen and says, “Kill them all. Kill them all.” Then, the woman’s face is revealed, giving a surprise reversal. This is Lee Young-ae, ‘Koo kyung-yi’ with slouched shoulders and messy hair.

Lee Young-ae suddenly pops out of a pile of garbage and heralds a transformation into a unique visual with only her face sticking out while covered in a blanket on the street. Along with this, the phrase “I’m not a crazy person” is compared with Lee Young-ae, who never looked ordinary in the video.

On the other hand, ‘Koo kyung-yi’ is scheduled to air for the first time in October.

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