Kim Soo-hyun transformed into a college student

Kim Soo-hyun transformed into a college student… Bushy hair ‘eyes’ (‘One Ordinary Day’)

Kim Soo-hyun transforms into Kim Hyun-soo, a college student who becomes a murder suspect.

The first Coupang Play series, ‘One Ordinary Day’, which will be released in November, is an eight-part series about the fierce survival of Hyun-soo (Kim Soo-hyun), who becomes a murder suspect overnight from an ordinary college student, and Shin Joon-han (Cha Seung-won), a third-class lawyer who does not ask the truth. A hardcore crime drama.

Above all, ‘One Ordinary Day’ is attracting attention due to the collaboration of actors Kim Soo-hyun and Cha Seung-won, who are loved for their superb acting regardless of genre, and director Lee Myung-woo, who has dazzled delicate directing skills with ‘Punch’, ‘Whisper’ and ‘The Fiery Priest’.

Kim Soo-hyun takes on the role of Kim Hyun-soo, an ordinary college student who becomes a murder suspect overnight in ‘One Ordinary Day’, and enters into a radical acting transformation. Kim Soo-hyun is expected to show the end of detailed emotional acting through the role of Kim Hyun-soo, who is rushed into a murder suspect overnight and suffers from the destruction of daily life.

In this regard, Kim Soo-hyun’s first still, released on the 5th of ‘One Ordinary Day’, catches the eye at once. In the play, Kim Hyun-soo heightens the tension with the face just before becoming a murder suspect, while enhancing Kim Soo-hyun’s unique charm with the appearance of an ordinary college student who likes to hang out with friends and sometimes dreams of deviance. In addition, Kim Soo-hyun, who changed with casual attire and bushy hair to express college student Kim Hyun-soo, reveals ‘Born to be Korea nerd beauty’ that cannot be hidden in Kim’s refreshing eyes, raising expectations for transformation.

Kim Soo-hyun, who will hit the hearts of the viewers with his detailed emotional acting, expressed his feelings about taking on the role of Kim Hyun-soo in ‘One Ordinary Day’. I tried to express Hyun-soo who is trying to survive there. I hope you will become a jury and watch it.”

The production team said, “Kim Soo-hyun is a jewel-like actor who makes the drama deeper at the center of ‘One Ordinary Day’. Please look forward to ‘One Ordinary Day’ when Kim Soo-hyun’s performance will stand out.”

‘One Ordinary Day’ will be released exclusively through Coupang Play in November.

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