Kim Seong-gyu, the first solo stills to be released... Do Ji-tae, a prisoner who reigns above the law ('One Ordinary Day)

Kim Seong-gyu, the first solo stills to be released… Do Ji-tae, a prisoner who reigns above the law ‘One Ordinary Day

Kim Seong-gyu of the first Coupang Play series ‘One Ordinary Day‘ released the first stills that presented the strongest force as Do Ji-tae, a prisoner who reigns above the law.

Kim Seong-gyu, who made a strong impact in movies ‘The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil ‘, ‘The Outlaws’ and ‘Kingdom Seasons 1 and 2’, is expected to show off his extraordinary presence with a new acting transformation through ‘One Ordinary Day’.

The role of Do Ji-tae, played by Kim Seong-gyu, is a prisoner with 13 crimes and a violent criminal who has been serving a prison sentence for 10 years. Kim Seong-gyu shows off a chemistry with Kim Soo-hyun as Do Ji-tae, a prison mate who will shake his life by forming a relationship with Kim Hyun-soo, who becomes a murder suspect overnight.

In relation to this, the scene where Kim Seong-gyu revealed the irresistible charisma of Do Ji-tae, the absolute authority in the prison, was caught. A scene in which Do Ji-tae, who stands out with a stout physique, walks around the prison with fierce eyes and gives a strong energy. Attention is focused on the performance of Kim Seong-gyu, who will play a pivotal role in the drama by radiating a heavy presence in ‘One Ordinary Day’.

After filming, Kim Seong-gyu opened the door with the words, “First of all, the script was fun” and then, “It shows how an ordinary young man gets caught up in an incident, how characters of various professions behave around that incident, and what is revealed according to their desires and values. It was interesting to see. In particular, watching Hyun-soo change, I thought a lot,” he said, explaining why he chose ‘One Ordinary Day’.

In addition, “Do Ji-tae is a character who has been in power for a long time in prison with a criminal record of violence. In a world called a prison, he is a very rational person who lives by maintaining his own rules and laws,” explained Do Ji-tae. He added, “I am also curious and looking forward to the fun and message of the genre in this drama. It will be as good as you expected, so please look forward to the day we meet soon.”

The production team said, “Kim Seong-gyu is an actor who overwhelms the atmosphere with his thick acting.

Meanwhile, the first Coupang Play series ‘One Ordinary Day’ will be exclusively released through Coupang Play in November.

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