Actor Kim Seon-ho has proven his popularity and is collecting topics every day.

Kim Seon-ho, drama topic + donation precedent + popularity award + advertising love call ‘trend movement’

Actor Kim Seon-ho has proven his popularity and is collecting topics every day.

There is a lot of interest in Kim Seon-ho, who is playing the role of ‘Hong Doo-sik’, an all-rounder in the tvN Saturday drama ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha‘, which is currently airing.

Kim Seon-ho took the first place for two weeks in a row in the topic of drama performers for the 4th week of August and the 1st week of September, compiled by Good Data Corporation, a TV topicality analysis agency. This was a hot reaction that was revealed from the first week of the broadcast, realizing the public’s high interest and topicality for him.

In addition, Kim Seon-ho recently participated in the Happy Bean special funding with the social enterprise ‘Marco Roho’. The Happy Bean Special Funding, which he participated in, provides bracelets made by grandmothers with happiness and heart as a reward, and a portion of the proceeds from the funding is supported to create jobs for grandmothers and improve the living environment for the elderly. Kim Seon-ho added meaning to this Happy Bean special funding by participating in the entire process, from planning to selecting reward product items, designing bracelets, and discussing where to donate the proceeds. In the midst of this, the funding participants gladly responded to Kim Seon-ho’s sincerity. The fundraising amount exceeded 100 million won within three days of opening the funding on the 3rd, exceeding the target by ‘3600%’.

Kim Seon-ho, who is also active in the weekend entertainment program KBS 2TV’s ‘1 Night 2 Days Season 4′, is a popular entertainer who selects the winners based on the results of online viewer votes at the ’48th Korea Broadcasting Awards’ hosted by the Korea Broadcasting Association. Received the ‘Popularity Award’ in the category.

It is said that domestic and foreign companies are flooding with advertisement love calls for Kim Seon-ho, and overseas media are constantly requesting interviews. He is currently working as a model for overseas brands such as health food, clothing, cosmetics, outdoor, pizza, mask, camera, golf wear, commerce portal brands, Philippine news agencies, and Indonesian cosmetics.

As such, Kim Seon-ho, who has proven his trend with meaningful news in various fields such as entertainment, advertising, and donation advances beyond drama, raises expectations about what kind of growth he will achieve in the future and show his endless moves.

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