Kim Se-jeong, the musical 'Red Book' has just finished

Kim Se-jeong, the musical ‘Red Book’ has just finished

Kim Se-jeong successfully completed the last performance of the musical ‘Red Book’ and created a new ‘life character’.

On the 24th, Kim Se-jeong performed acting and singing that gave empathy and emotion on the stage of the last performance of the musical ‘Red Book’ held at the Grand Theater of Hongik University’s Daehakro Art Center.

The musical Red Book

In the musical ‘Red Book’, Kim Se-jeong, who played the role of Anna, a person who wants to live as a ‘me’ rather than a lady, has proven another ‘growth’ by demonstrating stable singing and realistic acting skills on stage for about three months from last June.

Through ‘Red Book’, Kim Se-jeong delivered a deep resonance from the audience by perfectly expressing how she lives as an independent woman overcoming all kinds of adversity and obstacles in a conservative era.

In particular, Kim Se-jung’s forward-looking and dignified charm gave a great impression, and she received a hot standing applause for solving the serious topic of woman’s dignity with her honest and lovely charm.

In addition, Kim Sejeong drew admiration for her perfect dialogue and emotional acting that maximizes empathy, realistic ad-libs, unwavering vocals, and beautiful visuals. Kim Se-jeong completely immersed herself in Anna’s character on the stage of ‘Red Book’ and completed a perfect chemistry with her partner, and gave bold lines and tears that fit the storyline, making it impossible to take her eyes off her.

After debuting as an actress through ‘School 2017’, Kim Se-jeong, who has been well received by the public by adding a ‘life character’ every time she appears in various dramas such as I Wanna Hear Your Song and ‘The Uncanny Counter ‘, is ‘Return’ last year. Following this, she showed a unique presence in ‘Red Book’ and established herself as a talented musical actress.

On the other hand, Kim Se-jeong, who is gradually building up her own filmography in various fields, is scheduled to shoot SBS’s ‘The Office Blind Date’ in the second half of this year, and is demonstrating her presence as a unique 2021 trend by receiving love calls from various fields. Kim Sejeong, who is active in music, pictorial, advertisement, and musical as well as acting, plans to continue her ‘all-weather activity’ in the future.

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