"KBS version of 'Parasite'"... 'Young Lady and Gentleman' Ji Hyun-woo X Lee Se-hee, a family drama of a chaebol ♥ soil spoon

“KBS version of ‘Parasite'”… ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ Ji Hyun-woo X Lee Se-hee, a family drama of a chaebol ♥ soil spoon

KBS2’s new weekend drama ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ is a bright version of Bong Joon-ho’s movie ‘Parasite’. It tells the story of the young lady’s family who entered the gentleman’s house.

On the afternoon of the 24th, a press conference for ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ was held. The event was broadcast live online to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and director Shin Chang-seok and actors Ji Hyun-woo, Lee Se-hee, Kang Eun-tak, Park Ha-na, Ahn Woo-yeon, Yoon Jin-i, Lee Jong-won, Lee Il-hwa, Oh Hyun-kyung, and Seo Woo-jin attended.

‘A Gentleman and a Lady’ is a work that contains a tumultuous story that takes place when a ‘gentleman’ who takes responsibility for his choices and seeks happiness and a ‘handmaiden’ with an earthen spoon meet.

On this day, director Shin Chang-seok said, “Our drama provides unstoppable fun and emotion. The greatest goal on earth is to provide a lot of fun in the gloomy Corona era.” They are trying to give laughter and emotion as they get entangled. I will continue until many viewers feel pleasantly refreshed.”

Regarding the work, he said, “There is a gentleman who lost his wife, and the children cry every day because they miss their mother. A young girl with a spoon comes into the house as a tutor, and her father comes in as a driver. Her mother also hides there, and her brother lives there that is entangled in love with the daughter of that house.” “It is a bright and pleasant version of the movie ‘Parasite.’ I hope you will have a lot of fun while checking it out.” He continued, “It is an era in which hope is gradually disappearing. In a world where the hierarchy of social ladders disappears, there is a story of families in ‘Parasite’ succeeding not only as parasites but as rich people. In that sense, it will give vicarious satisfaction and courage. I look forward to it,” he added.

Director Shin collaborated with writer Kim Sa-kyung, who wrote ‘My Only One’. Regarding this, he said, “I’m worried. There is a problem. I have to stand a little bit and argue, but it’s a problem because it’s so perfect.”

When asked about the target audience rating, he said, “It’s in my mind, but it’s hard to say,” but “I hope that the audience will be comforted by giving a lot of laughter in the Corona era.”

Regarding the casting criteria, director Shin said, “Ji Hyeon-woo is so gentleman. An actor that immediately comes to mind when other actors are so gentle that I can’t imagine. However, it was more lively than those people, and it suited me very well, so I chose him with the intention of making Cinderella.”

He continued, “Kang Eun-tak is working together for the third time, but this time I asked for him. He played the role in ‘Secret Man’ so well that there were many places to find him, but he asked me to help him only once.” He was good at and elegant, so I really wanted to work with him. After 20 years of unrequited love, his wish came true in ‘Secret Man’, but his passion was different, so I asked him again.”

Ji Hyun-woo takes on the role of Lee Young-guk,

Ji Hyun-woo takes on the role of Lee Young-guk, the chairman of FT Group and raising three children after the death of his wife.

Ji Hyun-woo, who returned to KBS after a long time, said, “I came to work for a few months because I was a graduate of KBS in 2003. It feels like I’m back in my hometown. “He said. He continued, “This time, it’s a long-breathing work, so I think I’ll be able to show you various aspects. I’m trying to practice a lot and put in a lot of effort to show it naturally.”

When asked what he paid special attention to for this role, he said, “It’s a little more serious than my previous work, and I have a question mark about whether it’s okay to love because I have a child. I look at the classic works and reference them,” he replied.

Regarding the collaboration with his partner Lee Se-hee, he said, “It’s Lee Se-hee’s first work and her first lead role, so there are a lot of unfinished charms. There is a smoke that I can’t calculate, so I also think that new acting will be new to those who see it.” He, who first challenged acting as a father, said, “The more time I spend with my children and practice, the more I gain.

Lee Se-hee plays Park Dan-dan

Lee Se-hee plays Park Dan-dan, who enters the house of President Lee Young-guk as a resident teacher without losing her courage even in a difficult environment.

She auditioned for other roles and was cast as the main character through a 500 to 1 competition. Lee Se-hee said, “At first, I auditioned for the role of Park Dan-dan’s cousin, but in the second round, I was disappointed because it was the main role. I thought, ‘Would a great director and writer like a rookie like me?’ I was thinking of coming here to show you everything, but when I heard the news of my acceptance, I couldn’t believe it.”

When asked about her determination, she said, “No one should be in this work. With great seniors, directors, and writers, everyone is trying to give me any tips. About the burden of being the main character, Lee Se-hee said, “It can’t be without it. It’s huge, but I think it’s a responsibility.” “In the beginning, the director told me to look in the mirror and say ‘I’m Dan’ 100 times a day. Mind control like that helps. This has happened. The other seniors also helped me a lot, so I was able to overcome it well.”

Director Shin Chang-seok added, “I gave a magic mirror as a gift. After a while, it became hard.” When asked what kind of impression she would like to leave with this work, Lee Se-hee said, ‘National Ottogi’.

Park Ha-na plays Jo Sa-ra, who is the butler of Lee Young-guk's house

Park Ha-na plays Jo Sa-ra, who is the butler of Lee Young-guk’s house and has a crush on him. Regarding the effort for the character, Park Ha-na said, “The character of the butler may be unfamiliar and heavy, but I tried to be friendly, cheerful, and not too heavy.” “There is a story, there were many difficulties. There is a scene that expresses Sa-Ra’s character,” she pointed out.

Regarding the reunion with Park Ha-na, whom he had worked with in the past, Ji Hyun-woo said, “At that time, there was not much breathing, but it was an impactful role. I still remember. The actors had feelings for each other, and it was really good at that time. He said, “It’s a different character from back then, so it’s showing a different side. I think it’s an actor with various colors.”

Regarding this, Park Ha-na said, “At that time, I felt pressured because I was a special appearance and I was focused not to cause pressure, but I couldn’t concentrate because Ji Hyun-woo was so cool.” She laughed. She trembled softly. Then, Ji Hyun-woo praised, “She’s really good at immersing her emotions, so even if she’s joking around, she sheds tears right away when she shoots.”

About her reunion with Kang Eun-tak, Park Ha-na said, “It feels like family. Even after a long time, there is no need to say ‘how are you?’ Kang Eun-tak said, “It’s been 7 years since we’ve worked together, and Park Ha-na was Cinderella back then. Now that we meet again, I feel like a big actor. I can look forward to it unlike before. At that time, I almost died because I was dragging him. I’m going to bury it in order to receive it,” she laughed.

Ahn Woo-yeon, who plays the role of Park Dae-beom

‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ has a variety of love lines. Regarding this, Ahn Woo-yeon, who plays the role of Park Dae-beom, said, “I am the same age as Yoon Jin-yi and we have a lot of personality. I thought it would be very comfortable to act together, but it was intense skinship from the first filming. It became more comfortable for each shoot. It was the first time for me to have such a deep skinship. So I think the breathing is great.”

Yoon Jin-yi also said, “It’s the first time I’ve done a lot of skinship like this, and I was surprised that I didn’t know that I would do this much in this drama.”

When asked about the strengths of the two, they also chose ‘skinship’. Yoon Jin-yi pointed out, “Because they are a young couple, they are fast.”

Regarding the synchro rate with the character, Ahn Woo-yeon said, “I only shed tears when I watch sad movies, but I cry a lot in this role. It was an atmosphere where everyone was helping, so I was able to concentrate and shed tears well.”

He continued, “I think it’s different from what I usually do because I’m a childish person. I don’t get into an accident by subtracting my parents’ deposits. I think it’s about 50% similar, but in fact, people around me said that it seems to have a higher synchro rate than that.”

Yoon Jin-yi, who plays Lee Young-guk’s younger sister Lee Se-ryun, also said, “I’m trying to show a bit more mature acting this time, even though I’m a childish role. and it is very different,” she said.

Lee Jong-won, who plays the role of Park Dan-dan's father

Lee Jong-won, who plays the role of Park Dan-dan’s father, said about his feelings about meeting Oh Hyun-kyung as a couple, “We spent 35 years together. We met while working as an advertising model in high school. I don’t think of being the opposite sex, and brotherly friendship precedes it.” It’s comfortable. It’s good that I’m old enough to talk about life. Actually, I got married 5 or 6 years ago in another work and ended up getting married.”

Oh Hyun-kyung said, “I’ve seen him since I was very young, so he’s like a brother. It’s so comfortable knowing how to act without having to talk to me. I’m so good because he’s my husband.” “I like my husband so much in the drama.”

Regarding Lee Se-hee, who plays the role of daughter, Lee Jong-won said, “When we first met, my eyes were clear. When I saw actors, I looked into the eyes first, and there was a charm that attracted people. I thought this friend would do very well.” It seems different. There will be many interesting things that happen while Park Dan Dan sacrifices for his family.”

Lee Il-hwa takes on the role of Kim Ana, Park Soo-cheol’s ex-girlfriend and successful return from New York. About the character, she said, “It appears from episode 5. At that time, everything is revealed only to the viewers. In the drama, she is a veiled character. She left for the United States with a big sin, and there she got into a car accident and her face completely changed. She had 10 plastic surgeries. She was the one who received it,” she explained.

She continued, “There are many mothers in the world who are lacking. There are many people who cannot fulfill their responsibilities, but such a character.” She added, “I am working hard with the hope that the enlightenment given there will heal the wounds, but I don’t know how beaten they will be.”

Seo Woo-jin, who plays Lee Young-guk’s youngest son, Lee Se-jong, asked about a memorable moment, and said, “There is a scene where I go to an amusement park with my father, and it was fun and good, as if I went to an amusement park instead of filming with my favorite people.”

Then, about Ji Hyun-woo, he said, “He’s like a real dad. In dramas, he’s blunt and doesn’t play well, but in reality, he comes out even on days without filming to play with him, take care of him, and practice with him. He’s comfortable like a father, and acting is fun and good.”

Ji Hyun-woo selected 'honesty' as a keyword for Lee Young-guk's character

Ji Hyun-woo selected ‘honesty’ as a keyword for Lee Young-guk’s character. Park Ha-na said about Jo So-ra, “It’s a peach,” and said, “It’s soft but has hard seeds. Sara also pretends to be youthful on the outside, but there’s a secret inside her that she dreams of and desires.”

Ahn Woo-yeon said, “Dae-beom comes out cute and cruel like an immature son, but his body is a little angry. There are times when he has power, so he’s like a puppy.”

Lastly, Lee Se-hee said, “I worked hard to make it, so don’t ask me to have fun. We made it for fun, so please watch it hard.”

Ji Hyun-woo emphasized, “There are a lot of attractive characters. I hope you get a lot of comfort from watching their love and life stories.”

Director Shin Chang-seok said, “These days, delivery drivers seem to have the most difficult job. As a delivery manager, I will deliver good things tomorrow. I will deliver the gifts of laughter, emotion and love.”

‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ will premiere on the 25th at 7:55 PM.

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