Jung In-sun ♥ Lee Jun-young 'I'll Be Your Night' script reading site public

Jung In-sun ♥ Lee Jun-young ‘I’ll Be Your Night’ script reading site public

Drama ‘I’ll Be Your Night’ conveys the atmosphere of the lively yet passionate script reading scene, making the prospective viewers waiting for the main broadcast flutter.

On the 28th, SBS new drama ‘I’ll Be Your Night’ (directed by Ahn Ji-sook/produced by Big Ocean ENM, Supermoon Pictures) side, including actor Jung In-sun, and 5 members of the band LUNA, Lee Joon-young, Jang Dong-joo, Kim Jong-hyun (NU’EST), Yoon Ji-sung, Kim Dong-hyun (AB6IX), etc., have released still cuts from the script reading site where the main characters who will lead the work have gathered in one place.

‘I’ll Be Your Night’ is a work depicting a sweet and bloody mental healing romance between a world star idol suffering from sleepwalking and a resident doctor who has to secretly treat it.

In the published photos, the actors are in perfect harmony with their serious appearance, reminiscent of a real filming site. The intense heat of the script reading scene heralds the birth of a well-made drama that will decorate the end of this year, and makes people look forward to the bright laughter and warm touching story they will present.

Jeong In-sun, who plays the character In Yoon-ju, who has a warm nature with a natural talkative and friendly personality, said, “It was a reading scene where everyone had a very pleasant personality and good people gathered. I was surprised at how well they fit together, and I thought that the character Yoon-ju could be fun with these friends.”

Lee Jun-young, who plays Yoon Tae-in, the leader, vocal, and producer of the world star idol band Luna, who has been on the road to success without fear of the world since his debut, said, “It was a time I was so grateful to be able to lead with a really fun laugh, and ‘It was a really good time for filming in the future. I was excited with the thought that it would be fun. I want to keep this feeling of excitement and tension well and feel it even on the last day of filming.”

In this way, Jeong In-sun and Lee Jun-young, who boasted a perfect match from the script reading, plan to warmly color the small screen by portraying the growth period of young youths, as well as a fierce romance that will thrill viewers through ‘I’ll Be Your Night’.

Meanwhile, ‘I’ll Be Your Night’ is preparing to meet viewers ahead of its first broadcast in November.

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