Jung Hae-in X Ku-gwan 'DP', a bromance military movie chasing deserters

Jung Hae-in X Ku-gwan ‘DP’, a bromance military movie chasing deserters

“I feel like I’m re-enlisted”… Jung Hae-in X Ku-gwan ‘DP’, a bromance military movie chasing deserters.

A different kind of military drama about the deserters is coming.

On the morning of the 25th, the production presentation of the Netflix series ‘DP’ was broadcast live online.

The event was attended by actors Jung Hae-in, Koo Gwan-hwa, Kim Sung-kyun, Son Seok-gu, and Han Jun-hee. ‘DP’ tells the story of Jun-ho (Jung Hae-in) and Ho-yeol (Goo Gwan-soo), a group of defectors who catch deserters, facing a reality they never knew existed while chasing people with various stories. Director Han Jun-hee, who directed the movies ‘Chinatown’ and ‘Pop and Ban’, based on the webtoon ‘DP Day of Dogs’ by writer Kim Bo-tong, which has accumulated more than 10 million views, took the megaphone.

Jung Hae-in X Ku-gwan 'DP'

Director Han Jun-hee said, “The DP is a plainclothes police officer who lives outside the unit as a member of the Military Police Department to arrest defectors. ‘DP’ is the story of DPs working to catch deserters, the stories of the deserters, Jun-ho and Ho-yeol, who grow up after realizing something while chasing them.” he said.

When asked about the part that he focused on while moving the original to the screen, director Han said, “The social implications of the original were important. The original is a drier and darker work, so I moved it to a video while maintaining depth but thinking about scalability.” he said. Regarding the difference from the original, he said, “In the original, Junho was a corporal, but he changed his rank to a private. The characters Son Seok-gu and Koo Gwan-hwa are also new characters that are not in the original.

Jung Hae-in took on the role of Private Ahn Jun-ho

Jung Hae-in took on the role of Private Ahn Jun-ho, who was called up as a DP with an unusual eye and a unique track record of boxing. Jung Hae-in said, “I read the script like a cartoon. I enjoyed seeing the characters.”

Regarding the ranks different from the original, he said, “It felt like a curious prequel that I wanted to see more of in the original. I was looking forward to seeing Junho becoming a Private, Corporal, and Sergeant.”

Jung Hae-in, who practiced boxing three months before filming, said, “The director wanted me to shoot in one take, so I couldn’t get in. I sweated and practiced really hard on a hot summer day.” Jung Hae-in can’t help but admire the realistic set in the drama.

He said, “I got goosebumps because the production team decorated the quarter set with hyper-realism. I felt dizzy when I entered the military uniform. I felt like I was re-enlisted.” He said, “I reflexively said my name, not the character’s name, in the scene where I made a bureaucratic statement. Lee Byung Hae-in said,” he laughed.

Koo Gyo-hwa takes on the role of Han Ho-yeol

Koo Gyo-hwa takes on the role of Han Ho-yeol, the DP team leader, who has a skillful and sly personality. Gu Gwan-hwa said, “I came here with the wish that it would be a satellite-like existence floating beside Junho. As I acted, I felt like I became a planet.”

Koo Gwan-hwa revealed his unique relationship with director Han. He said, “I met him often on the road. I saw him as a director versus a director at a film festival. I thought that I would be with him someday, and I wanted to be put into the universe of director Han Jun-hee.”

Goo-gwan said that he did a lot of ad-lib on the field. Director Han said, “I seem to like Gu Gyo-Kyo’s ad-lib more than necessary. I tried to match that level.” Jung Hae-in also added, “It was hard to hold back my laughter. I do an ad-lib that fits the situation, but there are times when I cringe while receiving a reaction. There were times when I laughed so much that my stomach hurts in a hospital scene.”

Jung Hae-in and Gyo-Kwan Koo explained that the chemistry score is “5 out of 10” and “10 points when the two are combined.” Jung Hae-in said, “I can roughly understand what you’re thinking just by looking at your eyes.” Director Han said, “It’s fun to create when two actors collide. They have different acting styles, which ironically created chemistry.”

Kim Seong-gyun plays Sgt. Park Beom-goo

Kim Seong-gyun plays Sgt. Park Beom-goo, a military officer who is a strong supporter by leading the DP with extraordinary insight. Kim Seong-gyun explained, “Sergeant Park Beom-gu always has harsh words on his lips. He seems to be nagging and scolding, but he is very concerned about them and fights against his superiors, and he is a person who works harder than anyone else.”

When asked about the similarities to the character, he laughed, saying, “Park Bum-goo is a character who is tired every day from hard work, but I am also very tired.

Jung Hae-in said that Kim Sung-kyun was a ‘tsundere’ and said, “He keeps the center of the scene well, but he doesn’t show it.

Son Seok-gu takes on the role of Lim Ji-seop

Son Seok-gu takes on the role of Lim Ji-seop, who is newly appointed to the military police force, and sets up a confrontation with Sergeant Park Beom-gu over the activities of the DP. Son Seok-gu introduced the character, saying, “It is a character that can share the worries of ordinary social life. There is a conflict between promotion and morality.”

Son Seok-gu said, “I wanted to be good at acting because it is a story that many people can relate to.” “When I was in the military, I went to the platoon commander at the time and asked how I could make him look more like an officer, and I received a lot of help. Through this opportunity, I received a lot of help. I want to say thank you,” he said.

Jung Hae-in said, “The process of entering a different society called the military is detailed. I hope you can move in together while watching it. If you watch the scenes of enlisting, breaking up with family, and training camp scenes, there will be parts of ‘I was like that’, too.”

‘DP’ will be released on Netflix on August 27th.

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