D.P. bromance posters of Jung Hae-in and Koo Gyo-Hwan

Jung Hae-in X Koo Gyo-Hwan Bromance Poster Released… Unusual Eyes

Netflix’s ‘D.P.’ (Deserter Pursuit) has revealed the bromance posters of Jung Hae-in and Koo Gyo-Hwan, and a point of observation that evokes deep sympathy when you get to know them.

‘D.P’ is a Netflix series depicting the story of Jun-ho and Ho-yeol, DPs, who catch deserters and face a reality that they did not know while chasing people with various stories. A week before the release of ‘DP’, Netflix introduced a bromance poster and spectating points that give a glimpse of the chemistry between Jung Hae-in and Koo Gyo-Hwan.

Netflix's 'D.P.' (Deserter Pursuit)

◆ The fresh material

‘DP’ is a fresh material called a soldier who catches deserters. DP (Deserter Pursuit) is a member of the Military Police and is a position where only a small number of soldiers are recruited.

Writer Kim Bo-tong, who actually served as a DP, serialized the webtoon ‘DP Day of the Dog’ based on his own experiences and captured the uncomfortable reality of the military and society through the eyes of deserters and soldiers chasing them.

A popular webtoon that aroused sympathy from many people was reborn as a series with Netflix and director Han Jun-hee. Director Han Jun-hee, fascinated by the ironic and unique subject matter of a young man in his early 20s who just appeared in society, becomes a detective and catches a deserter, has put the story of a webtoon into a six-part series.

In order to help viewers better understand the character, he set Junho, who was the leader of the DP group in the original story, as a private soldier ahead of the original point of view, and depicted the changes from enlisting in the military to becoming a DP in multiple layers. As Junho became Private, he added the character of Han Ho-yeol, who was not in the original, to add freshness and richness to the series. Here, the story of many deserters was combined and transformed to expand the story.

Director Han Jun-hee, who said, “I wanted each episode to have a different flavor and to organically connect all episodes”, ‘DP’ is a genre that tracks deserters as it is a structure that follows the stories of several soldiers who defected with their own stories. The fun of mixing various genres, such as a comedy of the opposing charms of two soldiers tied in a DP group, a road movie chasing a deserter across the country, and the action in the process, is also doubled.

◆ Synergy of soldiers chasing deserters’DP’ heralds a strong synergy of actors who will show optimal character digestion as if wearing custom clothes.

Jung Hae-in has been practicing boxing three months before filming to play Ahn Jun-ho, who was called up as a DP for his unique eye and a unique background in boxing, and melted into the character.

From the appearance of a second-class soldier who just enlisted in the army, to the rough action, and the change of Jun-ho, who grows up on his own in the process of chasing a deserter, he leads the play with delicate expressions. Koo Gyo-hwa took on the role of Han Ho-yeol, the leader of the DP group full of personality. He showed affection by introducing Han Ho-yeol as “a person I want to see and want to know more about,” and he completed it by adding his own personality to an anomalous character that looks loose but combines seriousness and sharpness.

Like the published poster, the bromance of the two people who will unite in a DP group to show off a fantastic combination play adds to the expectations. Kim Seong-gyun and Son Seok-gu, who are the seniors of the DPs, fill the play with a heavy sense of weight. Kim Seong-gyun takes on the role of Park Bum-goo, a DP who leads the DP, and plays a warm-hearted person who is always worried about the DP group, who is always nagging. Sometimes, he does not hesitate to confront his superiors for the sake of the DP and gives him heavy advice.

Son Seok-gu is Lim Ji-seop, a newly appointed captain in the army’s military police force, and he forms a tension with Park Bum-goo. His acting, who completed a lively character by seeking the advice of a real military officer, further elevates the reality.

◆ A poignant message penetrating the harsh reality

As director Han Joon-hee said, “For Koreans, the military is an inseparable space”, the military is a space that most Korean men experience. ‘DP’ is the story of young men who join the military, a small society with controlled order and rules, especially deserters trying to escape from there.

Jun-ho and Ho-yeol, who are active as DPs, face various stories of deserters in each episode. Junho and Hoyeol, soldiers who deserted to escape from difficult situations in the military or due to personal problems that no one took care of, face them and grow up with sympathy and anger at times. D

irector Han Jun-hee, who defined ‘DP’ as “an ordinary but unusual story,” wants to tell “a story that many people can relate to without adding or taking less” through the stories of various deserters. It starts with the story of an uncommon people called deserters, but in the end, it stimulates empathy even more because it is not the story of someone I do not know, but the reality that I, my family, friends, and lovers have experienced or will be experiencing. Director Han Jun-hee said through ‘DP’ that he wants everyone to pay attention to the harsh reality of an absurd society that anyone around us can experience.

‘D.P.’ will be released on Netflix on the 27th.

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