Jun Ji-hyeon X Ju Ji-hoon, polar temperature difference... Mysterious 'Jirisan' main poster

Jun Ji-hyeon X Ju Ji-hoon, polar temperature difference… Mysterious ‘Jirisan’ main poster

The main poster of tvN’s 15th anniversary special project ‘Jirisan’ (written by Kim Eun-hee, directed by Lee Eung-bok) has been released.

In ‘Jirisan’, Jeon Ji-hyeon (Seo Yi-gang), who cannot climb Mt. Ji-ri, and Ju Ji-hoon (Kang Hyeon-jo), who cannot go down, foreshadow the story of two people who are opposite to each other.

In the drama, Seo Yi-gang (Jeon Ji-hyun) and Kang Hyeon-jo (Ju Ji-hoon) are national park rangers who protect Mt. In the main poster, the two people, who will become partners and face the mysterious things that happen in Mt.

First of all, Seo Yi-gang has a determined look in the middle of the red flames that contain fire. On the other hand, Kang Hyeon-jo stood in the middle of winter full of cold air, and his eyes looking down seemed to have some sadness.

Following these divergent views, the two people define Mt.Jiri, Seo Yi-gang is a place that I could not climb again after that day, and Kang Hyeon-jo is a place that I could not get out of again after that day.

It is noteworthy that the two people who will meet and form a partner as the best ranger vs. new rangers find out why they are at these extremes, and what happened on ‘the day’ they both mentioned.

Meanwhile, ‘Jirisan’ is a mystery that depicts the story of Jirisan National Park’s best ranger Seo Yi-gang and a new ranger with an unspeakable secret, Kang Hyun-jo, digging into a mysterious accident that occurs in the mountain. The first episode will be aired on October 23rd at 9PM.

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