'Jirisan' released the 2nd teaser video along with the first broadcast date

‘Jirisan’ released the 2nd teaser video along with the first broadcast date

tvN’s 15th anniversary special project ‘Jirisan’ will be broadcasted for the first time on October 23rd.

‘Jirisan’ is a mystery drama depicting the story of Seo Yi-gang (Jeon Ji-hyeon), the best ranger in the Jirisan National Park, and Kang Hyeon-jo (Ju Ji-hoon), a new ranger with an unspeakable secret, digging into a mysterious accident that takes place in the mountain.

Writer Kim Eun-hee, director Lee Eung-bok, Jeon Ji-hyun, and Ju Ji-hoon are together and are becoming a hot topic as a combination of writers, directors, and actors that cannot be missed.

First of all, the teaser video released on this day announces the pleasant appearance of Seo Yi-gang, the best ranger who protects Mt.Jiri. The scene of singing cute winks while wearing a colorful feather scarf shows the charm of not knowing where to go. Also, even though he knows the mountain well enough to be called a ‘mountain ghost’ by her colleagues, she trembles, saying, “I hate mountains.”

Kang Hyun-jo, a new ranger who sits right next to her, said, “Who are we? Aren’t we the thread and needle of Mt. Jiri?” and boasted a partnership, drawing attention to the collaboration between the two who will protect the mountain together and rescue the victims.

However, the sound of a radio suddenly looking for the two of them and the news of a distress incident change the atmosphere in an instant. Seo Yi-gang and Kang Hyeon-jo, who are rushing up the mountain to find and save the survivors, show desperation on their faces.

In particular, the bloodstains that fell on the cell phone, the hand in black gloves, and someone who has fallen, along with the poignant saying, “Someone is killing people on that mountain,” creates tension. It stimulates curiosity about what truth is hidden behind the death that takes place in Mt.Jiri.

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