Ji Hyun-woo X Wang Bit-na, best chemistry → Pink air flow

Ji Hyun-woo X Wang Bit-na, best chemistry → Pink air flow

What kind of relationship will actors Ji Hyun-woo and Wang Bit-na show in ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’?

KBS 2TV’s new weekend drama ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’, which will be broadcast for the first time on the 25th, released a close-up shot of Ji Hyun-woo (Lee Young-guk) and Wang Bit-na (Jang Kook-hee), who have a subtle atmosphere.

‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ is a drama about a turbulent story that takes place when a gentleman who takes responsibility for his choices and seeks happiness and a young lady with a spoon meet.

In the stills released on the 14th, the breathtaking air current flowing between Ji Hyun-woo and Wang Bit-na was captured. In the play, Lee Young-guk (Ji Hyun-woo) and Jang Gook-hee (Wang Bit-na) are college classmates and old friends, but they say that they have their own story, which amplifies the curiosity.

In the midst of this, the appearance of Ji Hyun-woo and Wang Bit-na in the same space attracts attention. Two people holding wine glasses are looking at each other with eyes dripping with honey. This makes the viewer’s heart rate skyrocket. In addition, when they are with their classmates, they feel a comfortable atmosphere, while in the picture of the two of them alone, we can feel the pinkish atmosphere of Jang Gook-hee, who has red cheeks, and Lee Young-guk, who has an innocent face. In particular, the two create a monggeulmong aura just by looking at them and facial expressions. As such, the mood of Ji Hyun-woo and Wang Bit-na, completely different from when they are with other people, is attracting attention.

The production team of ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ said, “The eyes of Ji Hyun-woo and Wang Bit-na create a breathtaking atmosphere. Please check through this broadcast what kind of relationship changes will unfold for Lee Young-guk and Jang Gook-hee, who are close friends in the play, and what kind of story they have.” he said.

As such, Ji Hyun-woo and Wang Bit-na are making the hearts of prospective viewers suspicious by making them suspicious of their friendship or lover. It makes the first broadcast more awaited as to what the future will be drawn for the two of them.

On the other hand, ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ is scheduled to premiere on the 25th at 7:55 pm, following ‘Revolutionary Sisters’.

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