Ji Hyun-woo and Wang Bit-na are happy, Im Ye-jin is new? Three-person meeting

Ji Hyun-woo and Wang Bit-na are happy, Im Ye-jin is new? Three-person meeting

The three-person meeting of actors Ji Hyun-woo, Wang Bit-na, and Lim Ye-jin of the KBS2 weekend drama ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ was captured.

In the second episode, which will be broadcast on the 26th (today), the friendly atmosphere of Ji Hyun-woo (Lee Young-guk), Wang Bit-na (Jang Guk-hee), and Lim Ye-jin (Jang Mi-sook), who do not stop laughing, unfolds.

In the drama, Lee Young-guk (Ji Hyun-woo) and Jang Gook-hee (Wang Bit-na) are college classmates and old friends, and they have different feelings for each other. Jang Mi-sook (Lim Ye-jin) is Jang Gook-hee’s older sister, and Lee Young-guk is also close with her older sister and younger sister.

Earlier, Lee Young-guk told Jang Guk-hee about the sadness caused by his wife’s vacancy, leaving a message asking him to recommend a good friend among his students as a home tutor. In addition, Jang Gook-hee nailed her sister Jang Mi-sook, who had Lee Young-guk as her mate, as a ‘friend’, but showed a subtle reaction, drawing attention.

In the photo released on the 26th (today), Lee Young-guk, Jang Gook-hee, and Jang Mi-sook were in the same space. Lee Young-guk is smiling brightly, and Jang Gook-hee is showing off her cute charm as if she is excited, and attention is focused on the bright expressions of the two.

In the midst of this, Lee Young-guk and Jang Gook-hee have bright faces, while Jang Mi-sook alone has a fresh expression, raising curiosity. In particular, Jang Mi-sook is said to have been unable to hide her frustration at the words of her younger sister Jang Gook-hee, even though she did not stop laughing at the thoughts of the past, raising interest in this broadcast.

The production team of ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ said, “Lee Young-guk and Jang Gook-hee are really best of friends. However, sometimes it creates a strange air current and confuses the relationship between the two. I hope you can find out why Lee Young-guk had a meeting with Jang Gook-hee’s sister Jang Mi-sook and the happy scene of the three people through this broadcast.”

The reason Ji Hyun-woo, Wang Bit-na, and Lim Ye-jin gathered in one place can be seen in the second episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’, which will be broadcast at 7:55 pm on the 26th (today).

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