weekend drama 'Young Lady and Gentleman'

Ji Hyun-woo x Lee Se-hee, start a relationship with a great exchange

In the KBS2 weekend drama ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’, Ji Hyun-woo and Lee Se-hee have an unusual first meeting, and attention is focused on the story they will draw.

The KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ (directed by Shin Chang-seok / written by Kim Sa-kyung), which was first aired on the 25th (yesterday), recorded an audience rating of 22.7% (provided by Nielsen Korea, nationwide) and broke a good start.

In the second episode aired on the 26th (today), the relationship between Ji Hyun-woo (Lee Young-guk) and Lee Se-hee (Park Dan-dan) begins.

Earlier, in the first episode of ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’, Lee Young-guk (Ji Hyeon-woo), a ‘Kkondae Gentleman’ and Park Dan-dan (Lee Se-hee), a ‘My Way Lady’, announced the beginning of a tough link between coincidence and inevitability. Here, not only the unpredictable story, but also the passionate performances of the actors who showed the characters and the perfect synchronicity, filled the play more abundantly.

Lee Young-guk had a mountain chase with Park Dan-dan, who misunderstood him as a pervert, and fell down bleeding after being hit in the head by a tumbler. In the midst of this, in the photo released on the 26th (today), the figure of Park Dan Dan being supported by the police was captured, raising exciting expectations.

First, Lee Young-guk, who is bleeding unconscious, and Park Dan-dan’s face, looking at him with tears in fear, stand out. Both of them are messing around and stealing attention.

Park Dan-dan’s messy hair and dirty clothes tell the tense situation, while the strength in her legs is released and she can’t control her body, which stimulates curiosity about the broadcast. In addition, terrified, she eventually turned herself in to the police, raising curiosity infinitely.

On the other hand, Lee Young-guk, who was mistaken for a psychopath and a pervert, is said to be absurd and complaining about his situation, drawing attention to his story. What will happen to Lee Young-guk and Park Dan-dan, who have such an unusual first meeting, further raises the viewers’ desire to watch the show.

The full-fledged start of Ji Hyun-woo and Lee Se-hee’s tumultuous journey can be seen in the second episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’, which is broadcast at 7:55 pm.

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