Jeong Ho-yeon "'Sae-Byeok of the Squid Game' resembles me"

Jeong Ho-yeon “‘Sae-Byeok of the Squid Game’ resembles me”

Actress Jeong Ho-yeon caught the eye with a dreamy pictorial with a mysterious atmosphere and unique aura.

Jung Ho-yeon’s pictorial, published in the October issue of fashion magazine ‘W Korea’, is a pictorial that announces her first start as an actress, focusing on the mysterious and alluring face of Jeong Ho-yeon.

In the published pictorial, Jeong Ho-yeon is staring at the camera without saying a word. This pictorial, which catches the eyes of viewers just by looking with quiet eyes and creates Jeong Ho-yeon’s unique aura, is in a way the first pictorial to announce the beginning of an actor, so the focus is solely on actor Jeong Ho-yeon’s face.

Jung Ho-yeon, who created an explosive topic by leaving a strong impression with her first acting debut, the Netflix series ‘Squid Game’, emits an attractive enough aura with a chic yet charismatic appearance without any special devices, even in the cold tone of blue color without saturation.

Jeong Ho-yeon "'Sae-Byeok of the Squid Game' resembles me"

In an interview, Jeong Ho-yeon honestly told the story of how she started acting and how she felt about participating in the ‘Squid Game’.

Jeong Ho-yeon, who said, “Let’s do what we can do now,” said, “I feel like the air of the world is changing little by little when I start acting.” She also expressed her affection for the character she played in ‘Squid Game’ by saying, “Sae-Byeok and I are similar.” Lastly, attention is focused on what kind of future Jung Ho-yeon, who said, “I have no fear” about her full-fledged acting activities, will unfold.

Jung Ho-yeon's interview

On the other hand, Jung Ho-yeon’s interview with her sincere story as an actress can be found in the October issue of W Korea and the W website.

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