Jeon Jong-seo Son Seok-gu 'Nothing Serious'

Jeon Jong-seo♡Son Seok-gu’s ‘Nothing Serious’ will be released on November 24

The movie ‘Nothing Serious’, which is expected with a fresh meeting between Jeon Jong-seo and Son Seok-gu, is confirmed to be released on November 24, and the characters’ unstoppable poster with charm has been released.

‘Nothing Serious’ is a very special romance between ‘Ja-yeong’ (Jeon Jong-seo) who hates dating but hates loneliness more and ‘Woo-Ri’ (Son Seok-gu), who doesn’t like work and love, hiding their name, reason, and heart.

The character poster, which was released with the confirmation of the release on November 24, shows the colorful visuals of Jeon Jong-seo, who retired from love at heart, and Son Seok-goo, who is often caught in work and love. It captures the attention of the people with their concerns.

First of all, the poster with a big exclamation mark and the image of ‘Ja-young’ who seems to be full of determination gives a glimpse of the quirky charm of ‘Ja-young’ who goes straight to her emotions and desires with a clear conviction. In particular, the copy of “You just don’t have to be in love!” in Ja-young’s gloomy expression reveals the other side of a lonely, painful relationship when it’s not, stimulating the consensus of everyone who has experienced a love that doesn’t feel like mine.

Jeon Jong-seo Son Seok-gu 'Nothing Serious'

On the other hand, the poster of ‘Woo-Ri’, with a bubbly expression in a background full of question marks, raises expectations for Son Seok-gu’s acting transformation into a nerdy ‘Woo-Ri’ character, who threw off the existing urban image. Here, the copy, “If this isn’t love, what is it?”, which seems to show the inner feelings of ‘Woo-Ri’, adds interest to the subtle relationship between these people and amplifies curiosity.

In this way, the movie ‘Nothing Serious’, which released a character poster that contains not only the opposite charms of ‘Ja-Young’ and ‘Woo-Ri’ but also a view of love that is 100 times sympathetic, will completely captivate the theater with its bold and unstoppable romance.

The movie ‘Nothing Serious’, which raises expectations with the novel subject of romance, which started without dating, witty lines about love and desire, and the fresh chemistry of the actors, is scheduled to be released on November 24.

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