Four-person, four-color interview of the actors 'Reflection of You'

Interview with 4 main actors in 4 colors ‘Reflection of You’

Four-person, four-color interview of the actors of JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Reflection of You’ (played by Yoo Bo-ra, directed by Im Hyun-wook, produced by Celltrion Entertainment, JTBC Studio) has been released.

In the making video of ‘Reflection of You’ released on the 28th, the four actors directly explained their characters and conveyed their feelings when they first encountered the script.

Go Hyeon-jeong explained about her painter and essayist Jeong Hee-joo, “I met a wealthy husband who loved me so much and lived a life without regrets, but when I met ‘someone’, I went through a lot of changes and conflicts.”

At the same time, Shin Hyun-bin stimulated curiosity by introducing another protagonist, Goo Hae-won, nicknamed ‘crazy art teacher’, saying, “I was a poor but dreamy and hopeful person, but because of ‘some events’, I became a very different person.” It made me wonder what the ‘someone’ and ‘some events’ are.

Kim Jae-young said, “Seo Woo-jae is the main character, Goo Hae-won’s ‘beauty brother’, and he lives by hiding his anxiety about it because he was not born with the talent of his father, who was a genius sculptor.” I got a lot of things compared to the abilities I have, but one of the rare things in life that I achieved with my will and greed was marrying Hee-joo.”

Go Hyun-jung said, “I opened the script for the first episode and saw two scenes, so I thought, ‘I have to do it unconditionally.’ I was worried about whether I would be able to play the role of a couple well, but when we met and talked little by little, I felt comfortable and pleasant, and my heart warmed even more.”

JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Reflection of You’ will premiere on October 13th (Wednesday) at 10:30 PM.

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