[Interview] Actor Yoon Shi-yoon "I realized my self-esteem"

[Interview] Actor Yoon Shi-yoon “I realized my self-esteem”

“There was no hesitation at all. They said that the subject itself could be sensitive and the challenge was difficult, but I didn’t think it would become an obstacle.”

Actor Yoon Shi-yoon, who played the role of Yong-sik, who suffers from low self-esteem and erectile dysfunction in Wavve’s original drama ‘You Raise Me Up’, said, “I think it’s a good drama that can be explained clearly and interestingly. “I wanted to try this as a story about a patient’s healing with their first love doctor, a clear and interesting topic.”

‘You Raise Me Up’ is a sexy and lively comedy drama in which ‘Yong sik’ in his 30s, who bows his head, reunites with his first love ‘Luda’ as a urologist, and stands tall as the protagonist of his life after twists and turns.

Yoon Shi-yoon takes on the role of ‘Do Yong-sik’, a 30-year-old public servant. It’s not enough that he failed the civil service exam over and over again, and he meets his first love as a doctor in a situation where his self-esteem is low due to abnormal signs of masculine health.


“Yong-shik, we become stronger together as if we are looking for self-esteem… Overcome with small achievements rather than big goals”

Yoon Shi-yoon, whom I recently met through a video interview, said that he realized that he had high self-esteem while preparing for the character Yong-sik.

“I thought I had low self-esteem, but actually observing and studying such people, I was embarrassed to say that I received a lot of love and was a person with high self-esteem. People with low self-esteem were often passive in expressing their emotions or promoting themselves. He said, “I tried to keep my emotions closed while killing energy and restraining myself as much as possible.”

Yoon Shi-yoon takes on the role of 'Do Yong-sik', a 30-year-old public servant

Yong-sik opened the door to the world, faced people, expressed his emotions, and went through the process of standing tall, and he also became healed.” I accepted it as taking two steps to stand up,” he said, “just as Yongsik gradually grows and finds his self-esteem, it felt like we were getting stronger together.”

Did Yoon Shi-yoon also have low self-esteem or fell into a slump? He said, “(Still) overcoming it” and “I think that 50% was known first before being known as an actor Yoon Shi-yoon.”

He continued, “The thing that followed me like a tag was what percentage of the next movie was for an actor who had 50% (viewing rating) since he was a rookie,” he said.

He said that the way to overcome it was not a big dream or goal, but a small challenge and achievement for what I like and can do. “It is dangerous to judge the value of life only by the results. If you feel a sense of accomplishment or happiness only when you achieve a big goal and succeed, you are unhappy,” he said.

“Work is important, but I think personal life should be as passionate as work. Even the smallest things make me excited and nervous. When small achievements gather and become experiences and memories, people with high self-esteem can accept themselves as they are. I think it can be done. I hope you don’t shut up your heart and keep asking questions and focusing. The greater thing than a big dream is to love yourself and listen to yourself every day.”

Did Yoon Shi-yoon also have low self-esteem or fell into a slump?


“The popularity of ‘EXID’ while in the military, I look forward to acting with Ahn Hee-yeon…Actual first love is similar to Yong-sik”

He also boasted of working with Ahn Hee-yeon (Hani), who plays Yong-sik’s first love and urologist ‘Lee Ru-da’ in the drama. “Melodrama is actually a genre I’m not confident about, but I found it interesting this time. Thanks to Hee-yeon,” he said.

“It’s said that melodrama is about focusing on the other person’s eyes, emotions, and language and hitting back the feelings you feel in them. It made me fall in love with the acting. I tried to focus on that emotion and energy as much as possible.”

In particular, Yoon Shi-yoon was in the military when the song ‘Up and Down’ of the group ‘EXID’, where Ahn Hee-yeon was active, became very popular. “Actually, I talked about this a lot with Hee-yeon,” and “The most popular team at that time was EXID, among them Hani.”

“I was 30 at the time, so I pretended not to see it, but I don’t exaggerate and I think I played 200 to 300 times. It felt like a celebrity, but it was nice to be together. I was looking forward to it because it was rumored to be easygoing and good-natured. Eun Hee-yeon.”

In his memory of his first love, he smiled shyly, “I don’t think I’ll have enough time to talk.”“I sympathized with both Hee-yeon and I because there were many similarities to the actual dating experience. It was my first love that I learned little by little and calmed down while I was an immature and young person in love with an adult person. It’s similar to Yong-sik.”

Yoon Si-yoon, who debuted in the sitcom 'High Kick Through the Roof' in 2009

He said that love now, in his mid-30s, is responsibility. “Love also differs depending on the situation. We are waiting for someone who has a passionate heart to fulfill all responsibilities,” he said.

Yoon Si-yoon, who debuted in the sitcom ‘High Kick Through the Roof’ in 2009, looked back on how he became more focused on working with fellow actors after 12 years of acting.

“When I was a rookie, I focused on my acting, now I focus on talking and matching with other actors. How I accept that performance is really important. I also learn more and more humility as an actor. I understand more,” he said.

He said that Yoon Shi-yoon’s strength is that he is as he is. It was the same reason why ‘Yoon Dong-gu’, who had a simple appearance at the time of appearing in the variety show ‘2 Days & 1 Night’, was loved.

“Sometimes a junior told me that if I was an actress, it would feel like ‘Kongji. No, I get cheered up when I show the pure and sincere things as they are.”

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