'Hummingbird' reborn with narration by Lim Yoon-A

‘Hummingbird’ reborn with narration by Lim Yoon-A

The movie ‘Hummingbird’ was directed by Kim Bo-ra, and actress Lim Yoon-ah of ‘Confidential Assignment’ and ‘Exit’ participated in the narration to produce a barrier-free version.

The Barrier-Free Film Committee supported the production of the 1% Nanum Foundation of Hyundai Heavy Industries and sponsored the Korean Film Directors’ Guild in July last year at the Seoul Industry Promotion Agency (SBA) with director Kim Bo-ra and actress Lim Yoon-ah recording was done.

'Hummingbird' reborn with narration by Lim Yoon-A

Director Kim Bo-ra said, “It was very rare to experience and direct a movie using a different sense than the way I normally watch. It was my first time doing it, so I was clumsy, but in the next films, how can I help the audience to see and hear in different ways? I was able to learn how to get closer.”

‘Lim Yoon-A continued, “I usually like narration, but the more meaningful opportunity of barrier-free narration came and I participated without hesitation. In particular, I was happy to be able to narrate the barrier-free version of ‘Hummingbird’. Not only was it a film that won a lot of awards at film festivals, but it was a film that I was very impressed with from the time it was released, so it was a film I liked enough to recommend it to people around me. I hope it will become more diverse. Also, it was a very meaningful time for me to be able to be with my voice this time in the process. I hope that you will continue to support barrier-free films in the future.”

The barrier-free version of ‘Hummingbird’ is the third work of the ‘Social Contribution Business Agreement for Barrier-Free Film Production’ between the 1% Nanum Foundation of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group and the Korean Film Directors’ Guild. Produced with the support of the Directors’ Association. The barrier-free version of ‘Hummingbird’, the most brilliant movie that captivated the world in 2019, will be available for viewing from September with the narration of actress Im Yoon-ah.

The movie 'Hummingbird' was directed by Kim Bo-ra

The movie ‘Hummingbird’ is the story of 14-year-old Eun-hee’s most universal and most brilliant memory in 1994, facing a huge unknown world.

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