'Hospital Playlist 2', today's special broadcast

‘Hospital Playlist 2’, today’s special broadcast…Jo Jung-suk’s son appears as a doctor

Season 2 of ‘Hospital Playlist’, which ended on the 16th, prepared the last gift.

tvN’s ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ will meet viewers through a special broadcast at 8:45 pm on the 23rd.

The last episode of Season 2 completed the happy ending by depicting the special yet ordinary daily life of the 99s, which continues as always. Here, we prepared a special gift to wrap up Season 2 for the viewers who have given us a lot of love.

In the special broadcast on this day, from the behind-the-scenes story revealed through the interviews of the 99s who gathered in the ensemble again, the interviews with the 99s and the doctors who have gathered in each department at Yulje Hospital will be prepared to provide a different kind of fun and emotion than the main broadcast.

In particular, in the released trailer, Kim Jun, who was loved for the role of ‘Woo-joo’, the son of ‘Ik-jun’ (Jo Jung-seok), appeared as a doctor at Yulje Hospital and attracted attention. Kim Jun, who appeared in a doctor’s gown, looks at the screen with his curious eyes full of curiosity and stimulates curiosity by showing the actors of the ‘wise doctor life’ interviewing in various combinations.

The production team said, “This is a special broadcast prepared with gratitude to the viewers who sympathized with and supported the ‘Hospital Playlist’ from seasons 1 to 2. We ask for a lot of anticipation and interest.”

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