'High Class' Kim Nam-hee X Woo Hyun-joo, new stealer activity notice

‘High Class’ Kim Nam-hee X Woo Hyun-joo, new stealer activity notice

Kim Nam-hee, Woo Hyun-joo, and Seo Jeong-yeon, who have a top-class presence in ‘High Class’, will scramble.

Kim Nam-hee (Ahn Ji-yong), Woo Hyeon-joo (Do Jin-seol), and Seo Jeong-yeon (Shim Ae-soon) are expected to join, attracting attention.

As they are actors with excellent acting skills and unrivaled presence, interest is already gathering in the performances of the three people who will make the play even more sticky.

Kim Nam-hee makes a special appearance as Ahn Ji-yong, the husband of Song Yeo-ul (Cho Yeo-jeong), who died missing in the play, and the representative of an asset management company. He was a sweet and gentle husband and father, but he is the person who makes Song Yeo-ul fall into a nightmare-like reality overnight when he goes missing due to a mysterious yacht accident.

In particular, as Song Yeo-ul begins to uncover the secrets he was hiding related to his death, tension is expected to be cast in the play. In this regard, attention is focused on the presence that Kim Nam-hee, who left a strong impact on each of his works, will be revealed.

In addition, Woo Hyun-joo will play the role of Do Jin-seol, the president of the International School Foundation. She protects the international school without wavering while dealing with the top 0.1% parents of raw meat. In particular, since Do Jin-seol is a person who is secretly connected to the people around the international school and all the incidents, it is expected that Woo Hyun-joo’s solid acting skills, which she has accumulated while going back and forth between the stage and the CRT, will clearly shine.

In addition, Seo Jeong-yeon takes on the role of Shim Ae-soon, a VIP-only maid in the townhouse where Song Yeo-ul and parents of international schools live. She is a native of the island who lives alone with no place to put her heart, and she bumps into Song Yeo-wool every now and then. As Seo Jeong-yeon, who has played the role of licorice with a natural acting with vivid details in each work, expectations are high for her performance as Shim Ae-soon.

With the joining of Kim Nam-hee, Woo Hyun-joo, and Seo Jeong-yeon, who have such strong acting skills and an impactful presence, interest in ‘High Class’, which will be enriched by their activities, is further amplified.

Meanwhile, ‘High Class’ is scheduled to premiere on September 6 at 10:30 pm.

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